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Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.

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Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.


The rumor is that Sprint has already set its line up on phone and does not plan on getting Windows 8 phone in the near future. I hope this is false. Why windows phones have been behind, the new windows 8 phone will be great new phone. Windows have currently taken over RIM in phone and will look to match iOS soon. I for one am very excited about the Windows 8 phone and am waiting to get this phone. Since I am at the end of my contract I will consider making the switch to a provider that can provide the phone. I may not be the high majority but I'm sure there are some other like myself.

Anybody share this feeling?





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I reached out to the CEO's email , Dan Hesse, and got a call back. I would advice all those who are interested to also send an email to dan@sprint and let your voice be heard.... They maybe to late to the party by the time they make a decision, but they will only have themselves to blame.

Dan@sprint (dot com)

1:47 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Dear Nuno ,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you today.  We
appreciate your interest in the release of a Windows 8 device on Sprint.
We have received feedback from other customers who are also interested
in obtaining information on when a device with this operating system
will be available with Sprint.  Currently, we are evaluating this new
operating system (OS) and working with Microsoft on potential
opportunities.   We have no announcements regarding Windows 8 devices at
this time.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  I
understand that you are nearing the end of your contract and that you
are evaluating whether or not you would like to continue service with
Sprint.  Based on our phone conversation, I can understand that
availability of a Windows 8 device on Sprint will highly impact your
decision on whether or not you would like to continue services.  We do
value your business and sincerely apologize that there is no information
available at this time.  Please visit Sprint.com/insider where you may
sign up and be informed of new device releases. (edited out contact info so no spamming)

Melanie H.

Get the best value for your money & exercise your freedom
to change plans anytime without penalties - we promise!

Original Message Follows:
Mr. Hesse,

I want to bring to your attention the concern, several thousand of your
customer, including myself, have. We are loyal Sprint Customer for
decades, but we do not feel we are being listened to. We have requested
information from Sprint in relationship to Windows Phone 8 and have not
gotten a response. I create a discussion on the Sprint Forum in regards
to the Windows Phone 8 and it has become one of the most active post
that is on the forum.


Many of Sprint's Customer are interesting in the New Windows Phone 8,
but are coming to find out, that they will not be able to acquire one
from Sprint in the near Future. A majority of the posts have your loyal
customers stating that they will be leaving Sprint to move to a carrier
that is willing to acquire phones that can meet the customer's needs.

A survey was created on Wired.com that asks what phone customers are
looking to acquire next. With over 50,000 unique voters, 60% are looking
to purchase a Windows 8 Phone. People are ready to move on to a phone
that works with all that they already have, in the workplace and at


Please do not deny your loyal customer the opportunity to stay with
Sprint and acquire the new Windows Phone 8.

I look forward to a response either directly or on the forum to address
this concern to not only me, but the thousands of customers who have
click the discussion to find out about Windows phone 8 and Sprint.

Thank You for your time,

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I'm just about ready to jump to another carrier.  This is really getting silly.  We want the Windows 8 phone.  To get it we have to leave.  Customer service.....not really


I agree!!! Sprint is treating their customers like complete and total bullshit saying they won't carry an WP8 phones at launch!  They were the first to have a WP7 phone with the Arrive and now that the Windows Phone platform is getting better and further away from slide-out P.O.S. keyboard phones like the Arrive... they aren't going to give their customers that option?????????????????


hey Sprint! someone needs to comment here. We need to know. Some of us have been waiting for years...


I can understand Sprint feeling like they got burnt once by the Arrive and don't want to get burnt again, but this time is different. You now have a revise Windows Phone that is now on its 3rd release and is now proven. You got it coming out with a huge OS change in Windows 8. To me they should be looking at hey do we sell windows 8 phones, it should be more like which hardware verndor of Windows 8 are we going to sell. I was a huge HTC fan, but they have dropped the ball. Get in touch with NOKIA. The lumia is a tired and proven phone. It has some of the highest reviews. Heck when you used to ask SIRI whihc is the best smartphone it would reply back with information about the Lumia, this is until they made a software update.

Sprint is gonna be missing out instead of gaining and so are its customer's.

Ready to Leave


Sprint might as well take their time. I mean, Microsoft's spent a few years on this and still haven't finalized things yet.  It all looks and sounds quite promising, but where the heck is it?



As I stated previously on another thread, I too have my contracted ended and looking to purchase the Nokia Lumia when Windows Phone 8 is released. I would be pleased that Sprint had carried a Windows Phone phone during the fall so that I may continue being a customer. If Sprint fails to supply a Windows Phone 8 phone this year, I will change carriers.


I'm sick of andriod and don't think apple much better. I hate andriod so much I was cosidering going back to a old flip phone. Until I heard about the windows phone 8 a month ago. I knew this would blow the htc arrive out of the water however I guess sprint is not going to have the Windows phone 8 when it launches. For that reason I'm switching carriers whoever comes out with that phone. What a shame I thought I would never switch from sprint I'm on a employee plan and get a great deal but I hate andriod that much can't wait for the Nokia Lumia Windows phone 8 Does anyone know what carrier will have the WP8? I think its AT&T but not to sure.


Here's some info on who will be carrying Windows Phone 8:

The list of U.S. carriers planning to sell Windows Phone 8 devices isn’t surprising. AT&T and Verizon Wireless have already confirmed that they will be selling the Nokia 920 and probably the 820. It wouldn’t be surprising to see T-Mobile, which already sells Nokia Windows Phones, get one or both of these devices. Sprint, which only sold one Windows Phone 7 device which has been discontinued, remains a question mark.

Pasted from <http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Mobile-and-Wireless/Nokia-Samsung-Events-Herald-Windows-Phone-8-Surge-24757...>


AT&T is targeting a November 2 launch date for Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 flagship

Pasted from <http://www.slashgear.com/att-nokia-lumia-920-due-november-2-squeak-insiders-07246467/>


Verizon Wireless confirmed it plans to work with Nokia Corp., a move that is likely to eventually involve selling the Finnish handset maker's line of Windows 8 smartphones.

Pasted from <http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443819404577635413315244928.html>


Samsung might be quietly planning a new Windows 8 smartphone boasting a connection to T-Mobile's new 4G LTE network.

Pasted from <http://www.cnet.com/8301-17918_1-57492753-85/windows-8-phone-may-hit-t-mobile-in-lte-style/>

Loyal user of SPRINT:

Maybe one day, like 2014....

Doesn't make sense to me to start losing people when we can switch to other carriers.  Heck I can get 21% at verzion and they now have a new pricing plan. May just equal what I pay with sprint, plus I'll get wide spread LTE and a carrier that like to stay ahed of the curve and not watch fromthe sidelines. Sprint used to be the tech player, not the are just a bystander.


I just got Sprint and these rumors that we won't get WP8 for a while are unsettling.

As a new customer, I admittedly don't have much loyalty built up for Sprint. No WP8 means I won't mind switching back to or away to another carrier that will give me the device that I want.

If I have to sign up for service for 2 years and use the same device (unless I choose to spend a lot more money to get a new one outside of the contract), then I want to be able to have a device that I want and will enjoy using.

I've used the iPhone a lot, I have an Android phone now. I had a Windows Phone way back when it first came out but wanted it to become a more "mature" device from the hardware and software standpoint. Windows Phone has offered the best experience from any smartphone OS that I've ever had. I want to switch back, but if Sprint won't offer it, then I'm not going to stick around.

It'll be back to AT&T or a switch to Verizon for me if Sprint can't offer what I'm looking for. I'm willing to pay more per month as long as I can get what I want, so those bill comparisons don't mean much to me, nor do the data caps because I don't use enough data to worry about them.

If Sprint can get a great Windows Phone 8 device on their network, then I'll happily extend my contract and even go to a higher rate plan just to get it.

What are you going to do about it, Sprint? I can't be the only one who feels this way.


I have been with sprint for 13 years. If i dont have the option to purchase a nice windows 8 device.... i will most probably jump ship. I really like the look of windows 8. Im sick of my android phones and sprint/carrier's update cycles with them. Windows 8 will have everything i want and add the features in the lumia and my mouth waters.

dont let this thread die!


I don't think Sprint gets it.

Their average relationships with customers under contract lasted just 51 months. - http://money.cnn.com/2012/03/26/technology/cell-phone-customers/index.htm

People leave. You have many people here who are loyal. Well beyond the 51 months and they want to leave. So how about the ones that are almost done or the ones who are willing to pay the cost of breaking the contract.

I don't get it. Your not dealing with 1 compnay anymore that wants to make a phonw. You got 2 giants. Nokia and Samsung. Nokia has made huge strides and is making a rock solid phone. Samsung has a huge focus on the mobile market and they wouldn't join the Windows 8 wagon if they didn't think it would pay off.

Sprint... make it happen. David Owens, Sprint's VP. You can make this happen.

People will search Windows Phone 8 Sprint and find this thread and never come to Sprint. So now you lose new customers and your old. We want to stay but with a carrier that wants to make things happen for us!

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