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Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.

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Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.


The rumor is that Sprint has already set its line up on phone and does not plan on getting Windows 8 phone in the near future. I hope this is false. Why windows phones have been behind, the new windows 8 phone will be great new phone. Windows have currently taken over RIM in phone and will look to match iOS soon. I for one am very excited about the Windows 8 phone and am waiting to get this phone. Since I am at the end of my contract I will consider making the switch to a provider that can provide the phone. I may not be the high majority but I'm sure there are some other like myself.

Anybody share this feeling?




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Ugh.  Just more lip service from Sprint.

I'm done begging Sprint.  There are now other options (T-Mobile), assuming the Windows 8X phone doesn't get sued out of existence by Nokia. 

You can sign up to be notified when the Windows 8X phones are available here:


I did make a mistake in my earlier statement.  I'm not saving $30 a month off my family plan by going to T-Mobile.  The saving is only $10.  Still plenty worth it, considering I get a new top of the line Windows Phone.


Want to use your fork on a Nokia Lumia 920? Go right ahead, the screen can take it.



We are wasting our time.  This is like asking a woman to marry you who can't stand the sight of you.  They don't want to marry you, and you don't want the results if they do agree.

If Sprint has not made their intentions clear to their customers interested in having a Windows 8 Phone by now, then it is clear they are not committed to that phone operating system.  We would be stupid to assume that Sprint would support Windows 8 phones with service and upgrades in anything but a reluctant manner.  That is NOT the kind of support any Sprint customer needs for a device they purchase.  We need a statement of full and enthusiastic support of WIndow 8 phones by Sprint, and we haven't got it.

Their support of Windows 7 phones is minimal.  I went to my local Sprint store today, and they did not even have a Windows 7 phone displayed.

The handwriting is on the wall, and if we do not read it, we are dumber than dumb.  The only choice now is to pick an alternate carrier.

Personally, I want the Nokia Lumia 920, a clearly superior phone to any of the competing devices, including the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III.  This probably means that I will have to move to AT&T.  But we should all be realistic about how our desire for a Windows 8 phone will be perceived at other carrier stores too.

When I also went to the local AT&T store, the staff there was very dismissive of WIndows phones too.  I had heard that the Nokia Lumia 900 that AT&T carries had been received well, but the staff member I spoke with said the staff had been given those phones to carry for 90 days and didn't like them.  This directly contradicts the satisfaction rating the 900 has on Amazon.com, where it has the highest satisfaction rating of any phone.  I suspect that the AT&T store staff resented having to give up their current phone to use the WIndows phone, and wanted their iPhones or Android phones back.  In some ways that might be understandable, but you should expect the staff at any other carrier store to try to steer you toward an iPhone or Android phone and talk you out of getting a Windows 8 phone.

Don't let them!!  Stand your ground!!  You want a distinctive device and you don't want to be an Android robot or an iSheep.

As a developer, I can tell you that the Windows 8 operating system that will debut in late October is a real game changer.  It will join new WIndows Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database software and Office 2013, as Microsoft brings new products out to meet the needs of mobile devices and cloud computing.  Windows 8 phones will be able to integrate better with the Windows PC's you already own. 

I am lookng forward to owning a Windows 8 phone, and wish everyone good luck with whatever carrier they end up choosing.


The people who work at carrier stores are nothing more than the same types that work at Best Buy, and the now defunct Circus City. They are usually people who select "what all of the cool kids" are carrying and don't venture beyond that. They don't know the Windows Phone because their tiny intellects will not allow them try anything new and learn about it. I have never walked into any of these stores, carrier stores as well, and not already have possessed vastly more knowledge than those glorified soda jerks.


Forget Sprint. Go to another carrier if you can. Why talk about Windows 8 when they stopped supporting Windows 7? I have one more year in a two-year contract and they already dropped support on my phone after not giving me any software fixes while the phone was supposedly supported. I can't leave them now but I will when the contract expires, no matte what phnes they will support at that time.


I sent a nice email to Dan this week that was followed by a phone call from one of the people that takes care of these things. The lady was very well politically trained. I was told that they DO still have a partnership with Microsoft but did not have any specific information as to why they are not offering any phones this year.

My wife had to have a new phone so I was forced to purchase the iPhone 5. It hurts to be forced... but a happy wife makes a happy life. I'm still holding on for something in the near future. On the good side I guess there will be time for some smaller form factors to come on the market. I'm really interested in keeping my phone on the small side.


They are big liars. I asked them a while ago about software updates and they told me to be patient, they're in the pipeline. Three weeks later they officially dropped the phone from their lineup. They will tell you whatever would make you stay with them.



There might be a very good reason to stay with Sprint a while longer.

from SeekingAlpha:

  • Tuesday, October 2, 11:50 AM The Microsoft (MSFT) smartphone rumor refuses to go away. Though a company exec denied the rumor in June and suggested Microsoft won't compete with Windows Phone partners such as Nokia (NOK), BGR reports a "trusted source" indicates Redmond is working on a high-end smartphone, with a launch expected in the coming months. A Chinese site recently claimed Microsoft's phone will be sold under the Surface brand, and be available in 1H13.

Yes, it's entirely possible that this is groundless. There have been fake rumors before. So many that they have a special name: vaporware.

But, if it's true, I would rather be with Sprint and get a Microsoft Surface Phone, than anywhere else, even if it meant waiting a few more months. My HTC Arrive will just have to keep working a little while longer.


There most likely will not even be an upgrade to 7.8 seeing as there is an update that was released before hand that allowed mutiple pictures to be sent instead of one by one and allowing for small videos to be sent. 7.8 would allow the same but also audio recording but seeing as sprint took the arrive off their list and are not planning on having Windows Phone 8 it would benefit them not to have another headache so they won't upgrade their Arrives to 7.8 leaving every HTC Arrive user out in the cold. It seems like something cruel and unusual but it may happen. The HTC Windows Phone 8X/8S (Accord) Will be released November 8th. Which gives Sprint some time to jump on that. HTC announced only AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon will have these phones but there is still this whole month left for Sprint to jump on board. I've seen the other phones which support CDMA so I don't know why sprint isn't talking to samsung, Nokia or HTC seeing as all 3 phone makers have created amazing phones with great technology that can and will compete against the likes of Googles Android OS and Apples iOS. Sprint needs to see the marketing side of having a windows phone. If windows phone 8 blows up big they miss their chance and will be jumping on something that has already grown big but if they take the chance and are part of their success then they will be riding high on the big wave of Wndows Phone 8. This OS may very well be the OS that will show off what Microsoft can do and if the Surface does well it will show that Microsoft intends to keep pushing forward. Xbox music and Xbox 720 are up next then Office is after. Microsoft has alot in store and companies are taking stock but few don't believe in Microsoft as everyone here can see that would be sprint. No matter what sprint says they see Microsoft as a sinking ship compared to the bread winner Android and money making Apple. It's all about dollars and cents to these guys they never cared for the customers. If they did they would've been the first to stamp their logo all over every single Windows Phone 8 phones. My guess is the only chance of anyone getting a windows phone 8 from sprint is to talk to the CEO (impossible) or if sprint felt like putting a phone out and if they put one in their line up it will most likely be an HTC phone like the 8S. But even then that's a long shot. LG is another not supporting the WP8 cause. We need our voices heard but if we don't speak the language of money then we are left out of the conversation.


Microsoft is not making a Phone. Google tried and failed. Their Zunes failed cause of poor marketing. They will leave it to the people with the most experience until they themselves can do a better job then them and even then it's hard. Only reason why they are creating their own tablet is the tablet market is fairly new so anyone can jump in and try their luck. Look at Amazona and Barnes and Noble. They succeded so why not Microsoft. But phones are out of the question.


Really?  It doesn't seem like such a certain thing that Microsoft won't be releasing their own phone.  I would say there IS a good chance it could happen.



This message is very offensive....   (They don't know the Windows Phone because their tiny intellects will not allow them try anything new and learn about it.. and those glorified soda jerks.)….. ???????  I see you have never worked retail before.... Every retail person out there is needed, not everyone can have a Monday-Friday desk job, or wants one, and remember we all have feelings, Because WE ARE ALL PEOPLE, no one is better then anyone else................

I work for Sprint in a retail store, and not all of us have TINY INTELLECTS. I know that there are a lot of sales people in retail stores for all carriers that are focused only on iPhone, but not all of use are. When I started working for the store I started pushing the HTC Arrive and I sold a ton of them, and I shared all the features of the Arrive with our sales staff and they started to like the phone, just in time for it to be taken down. The really problem is with all the of carriers out there, they did not train there employees on the Windows Phone 7, they handed out a flyer and a quick video and sent the sales people on there way. The sales managers in these stores need to push there employees to find the right product for the customer needs not just what is cool at the moment, and make sure they know the ins and outs of all there phones.  The other main problem is - when people think of windows phones they think of the ones that where around 3 plus years ago, and had lots of issues. It’s very hard to get people to let go of the past and see how things have changed. A great example of this is Chrysler and there transmissions - 15 to 20 years ago they had tons of problems..... But you ask almost anyone off the street about Chrysler transmissions and they will tell you how bad they still are. It takes along time for the people of this world to let things go, and try a product again. Which is why it’s up to ALL of use on here, to tell everyone we know how great the Windows Phones is and will be. It needs to start with us and WE CAN ALL change the way people think about the cell phone market, and show people there are other choices besides the "iPhone"................

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