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Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.

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Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.


The rumor is that Sprint has already set its line up on phone and does not plan on getting Windows 8 phone in the near future. I hope this is false. Why windows phones have been behind, the new windows 8 phone will be great new phone. Windows have currently taken over RIM in phone and will look to match iOS soon. I for one am very excited about the Windows 8 phone and am waiting to get this phone. Since I am at the end of my contract I will consider making the switch to a provider that can provide the phone. I may not be the high majority but I'm sure there are some other like myself.

Anybody share this feeling?




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Already Pre order my surface   but still want my Windows OS phone,  We all have different tastes...


Guys PLEASE vote for the windows phone! Let people know what you want!




I'm glad to see that you found the poll. Unfirtunately this is not a Sprint Poll, but one that I created: "Created by NunoAlcinaSantos. Voting starts on Sep 18, 2012"

It was created to show sprint that users where intertested. As if this thread doesn't already do this. I wanted them to see that people want WP8 phones and are serious. If sprint would juatr read this thread they can see this.IF this thread doesn't get it thorugh their heads, I'm not sure what will. YOu have loyal decade old Sprint customer ready to leave. I wish they cared, but they don't.

An even more broader poll was posted earlier from wired.com that shows votres from over 59,000 people and over 60% want a WP8 phone - http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/09/iphone5-spec-showdown/

For those not switching carriers, keep up the hope. the rest of us will be enjoying WP8 with LTE somewhere else.


SPRINT GET WITH THE TIMES.....>Technology Moves Forwards.


Today I watched the Windows Phone 8 press event and as good as it was, it was frustrating due to Sprint not participating.  WP8 announced on all major carriers: Verizon, Tmobile, and ATT.  Sprint was missing from that slide.  Today, I finally made up my mind without hesitation.  I kept telling myself to stick it out, today I am decided and I am definately out.  Nokia 920 will be mine soon. 


I tjought that i really wanted an Iphone 5. I have so many friends ans even my wife has an Iphone of some sort. I was really excited, but then things fell through and just havent been able to get the device. Then I find out that nokia is coming out with a phone thats basically making their last stand all or nothing type of deal. Plus it running the new windows OS i have already been excited for because its, well its an android/ios alternative.Thus i started to do more reasearch and i find that the specs for the nokia are amazing. Pulling out a better resolution than the iphone and camera is supposed to be better, this, that and the other. Then as im building up this hope of getting to help put the underdog back on the map i get cut down. I cant do that, unless i switch carriers. Which for me and the lack of resources i have to just go and pay another deposit means that there will be a high probability of settleing.

To all those who can switch carriers, I envy you.

I'm just concerned that for sprint there will be plenty of users like myself. People who are stuck between a rock and a hard place and are just unhappy. So sprint you may not lose my business, but you've lost my respect.

Though Dan Hesse probably doesn't give a care in the world to my problems.

Whose up for sprint merjing?


Well, I said before that if Sprint didn't announce any WP8 devices come the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 event that I'd be leaving and here it is 10/29/2012, the event goes down and I see the same three carriers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) yet again pushing WP8 devices and NO Sprint.  Can't say that I was surprised due to the lack of nothing coming out of Sprint about WP8, but still I was hoping.  And now Sprint, I will be saying goodbye as soon as the Nokia 920 becomes available.  I let the whole losing the premiere benefits thing slide, then put up with the extra $10 a month for a premium data fee that I'm not even using on a 3G phone, I put up with the slow cellular speeds because I have wi-fi in so many places here, I even put up with the only one option for a Windows Phone device on Sprint, and then today hits with no Sprint in sight and I just can't put up with anymore....I just can't.  After all these years, I'm come to realize that Sprint sadly doesn't care about my wants even though I've put up with so much and have championed this carrier for so long through it all.  Even getting numerous family members on board with both smart and feature phones.  Clearly this is no longer the place for me.  I honestly don't care about how much my early termination fee will be for my two lines....I'm just simply fed up at this point and will be saying goodbye to Sprint.  It's been real, but the kid is moving on!


Well more (not good) news about sprint and windows 8...


"Regarding availability, there was good news to share. On AT&T, the Nokia Lumia 920, 820 and HTC 8X will be available in November. Verizon has the Lumia 822 (an 820 variant,) the HTC 8x, again available in November. Big Red will also have a, so far unseen, Samsung device called the ATIV Odyssey in December. T-Mobile is much clearer cut, on November 14th they will offer the Nokia Lumia 810 (another 820 variant,) and the HTC 8X for $99 and $149 respectively. Sprint will not offer Windows Phone 8 devices this Winter."

So very sad!


Have been waiting for Sprint to anounce a windows phone. So disappointed to see that they are not going to. My contract is up and I plan on getting a windows 8 computer, then I am getting windows 8 phones to sync. Guess I will be taking my business elsewhere. Disappointed to say the least!


Well Sprint kiddies, it's been fun. Verizon or bust for me. Peace out Nextel!


I plan on having all of my devices in one ecosystem where there is a consistant user interface and everything sync's natively. 

Windows 8 desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone accomplish this perfectly.

I will be forced to leave come Christmas if there is no Sprint Windows 8 phone.


Just upgraded to Windows 8 on my PC, absolutely LOVE IT and it wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be ($69).  I can't stress enough how impressed I am in only 2 days, all for the price of an XBox game.  So to Sprint I will have to bid Adiou, seriously no way I am not going to take advantage of linking my PC, XBox and Phone together!  Also going to be so happy to drop that phony $10 "premium data" plan.  Yeah, like my Blackberry has premium anything.  What a joke.  I feel sorry for the company who invested so much into Sprint only to now see the skirt lifted to reveal mismanagement and missed opportunity.  We all saw Windows 8 coming a mile away.  Can't believe they thought their customers were going to sit and wait 6 months to get the latest technology (if that even). 

To those stuck in contract:  Weigh the cost of early termination vs continuing to pay Sprint the same price for subpar technology.  Logic will tell you to suck it up and move to a real carrier (I actually loved Sprint for their coverage, but just not worth it anymore).

My two cents, and then some... thanks for reading.

(FYI - it's only $40 to download Win8 from MS Store - love this new technology - finally)

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