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Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.

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Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.


The rumor is that Sprint has already set its line up on phone and does not plan on getting Windows 8 phone in the near future. I hope this is false. Why windows phones have been behind, the new windows 8 phone will be great new phone. Windows have currently taken over RIM in phone and will look to match iOS soon. I for one am very excited about the Windows 8 phone and am waiting to get this phone. Since I am at the end of my contract I will consider making the switch to a provider that can provide the phone. I may not be the high majority but I'm sure there are some other like myself.

Anybody share this feeling?




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Agree. Windows 8 is great with content management and my phone has a lot of content.

Find out what it'll cost you to leave Sprint by veiwing the ETF table - sprint.com/etf

Don't know when your contract ends, then login and when you see thepictures of your device(s) there is a link that says "See my contract details"

For $100 it might worth for some for other wait it out, but the rest of us will be playing with WP8

Asta Sprint


I'm stuck... the whole family is on Sprint. I just bought an HTC Arrive from some dude on E-Bay... praying the phone is decent enough. Bought the Windows Surface for the family last week... awesome system... already installed SmartGlass!!


Should we tell Dacob that the so-called "phony" premium data fee will actually be higher with another carrier? Nah, I guess we let him find that out himself.


To be fair, it IS pretty phony.  The Sprint sales guy told me I was paying an extra $10 for a "4G capable phone" because the phone will suck down data faster.  He said 4G was coming to our area in 4 months.

That was 3 years ago.  We still do not have 4G, yet I am paying the same fee for it.  Sprint has now changed their story to say it's no longer because the phone is 4G capable.  My other two phones are not 4G and still do not have the $10 fee.

I'm switching to T-Mobile asap.  It's not a savings worth mentioning, but I do save $10 total a month on my family plan.  The real draw is finally getting a decent Windows Phone.


@Brian.  Exactly.  Not to mention that I had the 3000 minute share plan at $190 for two phone since I have to call landlines on an everyday basis and switched 2 other phones at 90 +35 + 35 sharing 6 gb at $160 with unlimited minutes land/cell, unlimited text, and 4GLTE.  so for me, I actually save $30 per month with an other carrier using the Lumia 900.  We use average about 2 - 3.5 gigs and we are not "Limited to aweful speeds".


I'm very disappointed that Sprint has not announced any WP8 support since my contract is almost up and I'm ready to upgrade my HTC Arrive WP7.  Despite being very happy with Sprint for many years I will sadly be switching to a carrier (probably Verizon) that carries a WP8 device very soon.  I think Sprint is making a huge mistake here.  Hopefully someone at Sprint is paying attention to this thread and they will announce support before I leave them.



Basically the clock is ticking for Sprint. My little Palm Pre is on it's last legs and I'm not interested in any thing from the rotten apple! While I want Windows Phone 8 I'd be willing to try Hemroid...errr Android if they had the ASUS PadFone 2 but sorry can't even get that!  So they have until January 2013 to say SOMETHING!  I figure everyone will have brought out there new WP8 devices by then.  TICK TOCK SPRINT!!!


To those waiting for a Srint Windows Phone, ATT just announced the Nokia Lumia 920 for $99! A premium, best camera phone in the business handset for $99.  Even if termination fee is $100, you would still be getting a great deal.  Plus, it includes a wireless charging plate while supplies last.  I will be pre-ordering mine tommorow.  It's been a great 14 years with Sprint, to bad they no longer cater to me.  http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=23500&cdvn=news&newsarticleid=35656&mapcode=consumer|mobile-de...


I am a customer from Sprint for the last 14 years.  I started with the small flip phone, no data, texting that was hardly ever used, and then the HTC Touch came out, I was certainly interested in the Windows based phone, but I already had a PDA with  Windows 5.0 on it, and since I loved the screen size and only had to sync with my computer to transfer books, wallpapers, business spreadsheets, word documents, etc. I did not see purchasing another Windows product at the time a smart investment.  Then the Touch Pro came out. My wife and I debated over getting it as our PDAs would not upgrade to the Windows 6.  We compared them to other devices and over about a month of visiting the store and reading online what they could do, we eventually purchased two of them at $400+ each.  We loved them.  I know many people have rated the TP as a junk phone, but I did not have the problems they apparently did, nor did my wife.

If Sprint does not offer one soon, we will be moving to Verizon, or AT&T just to have that 4G LTE on a Windows Phone, I have seen the demos on You Tube and think they will be much better than the Arrives, especially with LTE.  Sprint does not have LTE in our area yet, but expect it soon, no later than the end of 2013 is what we were told.  But I hate the androids, Apple devices have too many qurks for our tastes, I bought one of the 4Ss for my daughter, and she loves it.  So maybe the iPhone 5?  But not likely, as I know too much about the device from my daughters use of it. 

My wife and I have never had to call technical support on any Windows Phone, and have not had to reset to factory since the Touch.  Overall the Windows devices are superior in every way, except Sprint does not carry one in 4G.

SPRINT GET ON THE BALL!  You may love Google and Apple, but aparently alot of your customers do not.  Please get the Windows 8 in 4G LTE??

And as for the 4700 people who have read your statement, there are probably ten times that number who just ask if Sprint has the Win 8, and promptly go to the other carriers without ever looking on the web site.  So I would figure that 4700 as close to 20,000 people who want the Win 8 devices who are currently Sprint customers.  Google sold a grest hype, and their sales are much higher than Windows, but how many of those sales were simply replacing bad Android devices.  I guaranty that Google does not seperate the bad units from the list of devices manufactured and sold. If they did, the total number of android devices that are currently working is a mere fraction of the reported sales.


It looks like in 2013 Sprint will get Windows Phone devices.  This is an article from Cnet http://tinyw.in/sCRh

"Is Sprint getting a Windows Phone device?

Although Sprint hasn't announced a Windows Phone 8 lineup, the carrier told CNET that it will offer Windows 8 products, including smartphones. Expect the first ones in 2013."


Not sure what that means exactly.  But I like the hopeful tone ^_^


I know, it doesn't say when, for all we know it could be December 2013, but if Sprint is smart it will be first quarter.  I think if they see people leaving Sprint because of lack of Windows Phone 8 devices they will get it sooner than later.  It sucks it has to come to that, but that seems to be the way it will be.  Also with the help from Softbank I wonder if that will help?  I'm not sure how much Microsoft wants for Sprint to have Windows Phone devices?  I think they got screwed by apple.

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