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Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.

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Windows 8 phone and Sprint not happening soon.


The rumor is that Sprint has already set its line up on phone and does not plan on getting Windows 8 phone in the near future. I hope this is false. Why windows phones have been behind, the new windows 8 phone will be great new phone. Windows have currently taken over RIM in phone and will look to match iOS soon. I for one am very excited about the Windows 8 phone and am waiting to get this phone. Since I am at the end of my contract I will consider making the switch to a provider that can provide the phone. I may not be the high majority but I'm sure there are some other like myself.

Anybody share this feeling?




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I just made the jump.  Got sick of the waiting game and the lack of updates for my HTC Arrive.  I moved our 6 lines to Verizon on Tuesday.  We all loved the HTC 8X and the Microsoft store had them on sale for $99 under a 2 year Verizon contract.  The store rep has $25 "Meet Your Match" coupons too so I got the phones for $74 each.  That help offset the cost of my ETF on Sprint.  I bought our 6 Arrives on launch day so the ETF was down to $25 per phone.

I loved my Arrive but I can't believe I got the 8X for half what I paid for the Arrive.  Not including taxes/fees etc., my monthly cost for service will be the same with Verizon as it was on Sprint.  I am limited to 10GB of shared data on 6 phones but that should be enough since my 2 kids are the only ones that will likely be streaming anything.  I'm getting 10MB download speeds and Windows Phone 8 rocks!

Life is too short for compromises.  Make the switch!  I may be back on Sprint in a couple years when they finish their Network Vision buildout and start supporting Windows phones if they still have unlimited data.  But I'll sure be enjoying my 8X and lightning fast LTE until then.


Dave is giving good advice.  I just hopped back here to check on you guys, and am surprised this is still a hot issue.  I jumped to the Nokia 920 almost a month ago now and am SO happy with the change.  What a fantastic phone and OS.  32GB RAM, top notch build quality, and I made them match a Black Friday special so I got my phones for $50 each (with free charging pads).

Sprint says they'll have a WP8 phone next year, and they probably will.  But what month?  And what model?  Do you really want to hold out waiting for Sprint, only to find out it's the Nokia 820 or some other phone that is not a flagship phone...

Truthfully, I hate AT&T, but I'll stay with them for a contract term (2 years) and then reevaluate.  I'd prefer to be with T-Mobile, but I couldn't bring myself to pay the $200 price for the 8X, while getting only half the storage space.  The deal Dave got would have made it more tempting.  Whatever you do, just make the move.  You can always come back to Sprint in a couple of years, should you want to.

Oh, and the 4G with AT&T is really freaking fast.

Good luck all.


So we finally get an official announcement.  Summer timeframe is a bit of a blow, but I guess better than nothing?  Hopefully these are highend phones.


You All need to know something. it seems as if Sprint ( since it took over NASCAR in 2004) really has no need to keep up with what the public wants for they now have the HOTTEST sport right in their hip pockets and are making a ton of more money with it then they are in the cellular service provider business ( shame as that is where they got their start BEFORE making it big). whine and threaten to leave all you want..... won't affect them..... they have more money then Trump. is a sad thing though. i hate it as when i first started with them you could upgrade your phone every 12 months. now you have to wait 2 years. ????????? 4GLTE? WHERE? not where i live. have to drive 500 miles to get on a 4GLTE network. dropped calls a thing  of the past. YEAH RIGHT, guess my Galaxy S3 missed that memo.i left Verizon because of the nickle and dimeing they were doing to me ( unlimited texting = 1,000 texts/month/line. is what Verizon considers "unlimited" try and tell that to an 18year old who's GF lives in another state.) i have been hearing some really amazing stuff about T-Mobile. looking into it. as for at&t. co-worker has it and says avoid it if you have more then 2 lines.OK so now that leaves these small "pay-as-you-go" companies. they are starting to offer some cool smart phones. rumor has it that one of them MAY be soon offering the newest windows phone(s). NOKIA? hummmmm makes one wonder. wife got the Samsung replenish. 6months AFTER getting it had to get a replacement. phone would not ring. the replacement replenish that we received was a refurbished and NOT "new" as we were told. so tried to get an upgrade and was told 12 months AFTER anniversary date went to see about getting upgrade was told Nov.2011 Sprint changed their policy so you now have to wait 1 month BEFORE your contract is up to get upgrade ( which locks you into a new 2 year contract) ????????I too am on the same boat as most of you and also looking elsewhere for my possible cellular needs. ???????????????????????????????????????


Since the broken Sprint website won't let me create a new discussion, I guess I'll post here.

AT&T has had Windows Phone 8 devices since November 2012 and got the flagship Lumia 920 at launch

Verizon has had Windows Phone 8 devices since November 2012 and are getting a new device, the Lumia 928, this month.

T-Mobile has had Windows Phone 8 devices since November 2012 and are getting a new device, the Lumia 925 this month

Sprint has not yet launched a Windows Phone 8 device. In fact, while all the other carriers have gotten several Windows Phone devices over the past two years, Sprint has only had the HTC Arrive, which launched March 2011. What the heck?

Sprint announced that they will be launching two Windows Phone 8 devices Summer of 2013 back in January of 2013. Since then we have heard nothing.

Come on, Sprint! Get with the program! When can we buy a Windows Phone 8 device? Tell us!


Answer this,  if Sprint had anything close to the 928 or 925 why wouldn't they have a preorder site up and running to take our money?

The only reason to not announce is that all they are going to offer is a mid line windows phone.  Remember Sprint signed a stupid 4 year 30.5 million device deal with Apple in 2011. For every phone under 30.5 million that Sprint doesn't sell they have to purchase the phones from Apple even if they don't sell them. In 2012 they only sold 6.6 million iPhones according to TechCrunch  At that pace Sprint will have to buy roughly 4 million phones from Apple even at $200 per phone that is close to $820 Million they pay Apple at the end of 4 years. This is why Sprint doesn't want another OS.

Currently they sell 30% iPhone and 70% android add Windows Phone and the iPhone will go down not sure how much but has to have an impact.

Sprint’s Q1 2013 iPhone Sales Show Flat Growth, Off The Pace Worldwide And At Home | TechC...

Sprint bet the farm on the iPhone bet may turn out to be a really bad bet. Regardless I think this is why there is no innovation from Sprint on the handsets.


I've got an unlocked Focus 2 running on T-mobile's unlimited data and text for $30/mo. I've been happy with the service (only on Edge and it's still just about as fast as Sprint EVDO) and have pretty much determined that I'll be porting my number to T-mobile as soon as they release the Lumia 925.

Sorry Sprint. I really wanted to stay with you, as I am usually very loyal to what I choose, but this just took the cake for me.


In the same boat as Musicman, contract is up at the end of June and I'm looking to switch to T-mobile's unlimited family plan to finally get a Nokia device.  Sprint looks like they're going with the Samsung and HTC mid-tier stuff only.


Well know you know what happened with the I-phone.  When Apple first came out with the device and was shopping around for carriers and they came to Sprint and said, "Hey Sprint we are gonna be coming out with what we think will be a great new phone and will really help your customer base and be good for your company."  Apple showed them the phone and Sprint said yeah right your Apple nobody's your stuff.  Now five years later Sprint went crawling to Apple, "Hey Apple we see your phone is really doing well and can really help out with our customer base and will be good for our company.  Can we carry your phone?"  Apple said, "Sure just sign this screw you contract and have at it."  One of Job's crony's probably said "Hey Steve you know sales are falling and our market share is dropping.  Do you really think they are foolish enough to sign the contract?  Jobs said, "Its Sprint of course they are."  LOL.  Now Apple's laughing all the way to the bank.  You don't think Apple only approached AT&T do you?

Well Sprint it looks like you just don't learn.

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