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Windows Phone 10 sighting?


Windows Phone 10 sighting?

For some reason, my first post on this topic got moved to the Customer Service space, but I think it's definitely of particular interest to Windows OS users.

Anyway, a new article from Forbes indicates that Microsoft is getting ready to introduce a pay-by-phone feature for Wiindows 10 phones (transactions get added to your phone bill rather than come out of your bank account) early next year.

The interesting part is that the article states that Sprint will be the first U.S. carrier to implement it... which would suggest that (whether or not you're interested in this particular application), there will be Windows 10 phones (or at least OS updates) offered by Sprint in the near future.

Original post:

Re: Microsoft Windows Phone 10 "carrier pay" comes to Sprint?


wonder if it will be a version of the 10 and not the one yall have been reading up on? a side version of it maybe in the near/not so near future?

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Well MS will be sending W10 update out in a few months so maybe we here on the "maybe someday network" will be at least getting updated. Then I suppose we could use this feature to buy apps I guess, I don't see what else it could be for. And of course we know the fine folks at Sprint won't come in and enlighten us right????


The news release I saw that mentioned Sprint only talked about tablets and PCs, not phones. The way I read it,it seems that I could buy an app for my PC and it would be charged through my Sprint bill and not my credit card. I could be wrong, but what I read doesn't make me optimistic for a phone. Maybe once AT&T gets through their exclusivity period, Sprint will be able to carry a 950S (for Sprint).


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