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Windows Phone 8


Windows Phone 8


Quick background, I have been a Sprint customer for 14 years, and I currently have 4 lines.  With the today's announcement of the detials for Windows Phone 8, I am just letting you know when Windows Phone 8 phones hit the market, I am buying at least one

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I too have decided to take my family's business elsewhere. I will even be paying early termination fee on one line.

If Sprint isn't going to offer top-shelf phones, and Windows phones at that, I'll go to someone who does.

No one here comes close to the 3GB of the other's data plans. I see little need for Unlimited Data. Especially when I can't get 3G or 4G/4GLTE in my own home. (yet go 2 blocks in either direction and I have great service)

I sent off an email to dan@sprint.com. The response i got from his minion amounted to little more than "blah blah blah partnered with microsoft blah blah blah"


Guys PLEASE vote for the windows phone! Let people know what you want!



Thanks for the link... I voted for the Lumia 920 (the only Windows Phone).  What a great phone that is.


lol... Nice try, I don't see sprint moving mountains with the turn out on that poll.. Fact is I'm going to att.... I was so close to doing it up on best buy, but thought since it was not on att's site I would just wait. I called att today and they said had to wait till it shows up... I just think its really screwed up that sprint could not even offer the 8x, not that I would be happy with that, but it would be a nice middle ground.. Instead NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! Besides... Say sprint does come back with some sense in 6 months or a year... Can always come back... Just spend a few dollars and buy out... But I would have to have solid 4g... no more 3g... pisses me off when I'm in my car running songs from youtube on my phone to my bluetooth radio and its all choppy... Keep it really my ninjas

Seriously... you can't even say pee me off on the sprint forum... lol... I have seen it all I take all that nice stuff back...

One last thing.. that thing at the bottom that says sprint was ranked #3 blah blah blah...

Should say most likely to go face down ask up....



I'm glad to see that you found the poll. Unfirtunately this is not a Sprint Poll, but one that I created: "Created by NunoAlcinaSantos. Voting starts on Sep 18, 2012"

It was created to show sprint that users where intertested. As if this thread doesn't already do this. I wanted them to see that people want WP8 phones and are serious. If sprint would juatr read this thread they can see this.IF this thread doesn't get it thorugh their heads, I'm not sure what will. YOu have loyal decade old Sprint customer ready to leave. I wish they cared, but they don't.

An even more broader poll was posted earlier from wired.com that shows votres from over 59,000 people and over 60% want a WP8 phone - http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/09/iphone5-spec-showdown/

For those not switching carriers, keep up the hope. the rest of us will be enjoying WP8 with LTE somewhere else.


Unfortunately even the 59k poll doesn't mean jack... You need a lot more than that to get someone to look... Don't get me wrong I'm not slamming the attempt, its just not going to go anyway, that's why I am...


I've been with sprint since the merge of Nextel. I have an arrive currently and love the OS but the hardware on this phone just doesn't cut it anymore! It's saddening to see that Sprint doesn't want to lead the race. I personally have met many iPhone users looking for a new experience. A few androids. But all who have given the OS a look think it's really cool. I plan on getting a wp8 as soon as sprint releases a high end device. I can't leave Sprint because I'm on my parents plan not my own. But if I were on my own I'd be leaving for someone leading this launch. BRING WP8 EARLY NEXT YEAR (JANUARY 2013) IF YOU'RE NOT RELEASING ANYTHING IN 2012. Thank you.

- A loyal customer.


Funny thing. When one searches "Windows Phone 8 sprint" whether using Bing or Google, you get an ad for windows phone at sprint.




Interesting story looks like Sprint is already bleeding customers. They'll be bleeding a heck of a lot more soon if they don't get and SUPPORT a Windows 8 phone. I've already decided I'm going to leave as soon as 1 of my 2 phone contracts is up.


I have been a Sprint customer for over 13 years. I only have one line and I am not going to issue any threats. However, I currently have a Samsung M610 flip phone and am considering making a jump to a smart phone. I have been researching this and based on my requirements, here is what I want:

1. A smartphone with a physical keyboard, probably a slider, ideally landscape with a tilt.

2. Windows 8 operating system.

3. LTE compatible (I live in Houston where Sprint LTE is live).

4. I would prefer to stay with Sprint, if possible.

Is there any chance that Sprint will be able to provide me with this kind of a package within the next few months, say by January or February of 2013?


Sprint has shown nothing to suggest they are actually going to release a windows 8 device and their Windows 7 device is one of the worst that came out. Verizon, ATT and T-Mobile have all announced intent if not actual devices they plan to release. After CES earlier this year I went into a Sprint store and asked if they would be getting any new Windows phones and I was told that "Microsoft has discontinued Windows phone entirely". The guy then called a sprint rep and that person confirmed that "Microsoft discontinued windows phone".

At that point I gave up all hope that Sprint was going to be an option for Windows Phone going forward.


MoJo man

At this time I can not say if we will have or will announce a windows 8 device with in your given time frame.

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