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Windows Phone 8


Windows Phone 8


Quick background, I have been a Sprint customer for 14 years, and I currently have 4 lines.  With the today's announcement of the detials for Windows Phone 8, I am just letting you know when Windows Phone 8 phones hit the market, I am buying at least one

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I hear ya! I am sooooo very upset with Sprint!!! I, too, am a 14 year customer. (Windows Phone since the Pocket PC from Samsung)... So, my main contract is up and I am using a Windows Phone 7 on Sprint (cuz the other peeps in family have a few months left on their contract). I currently use the Nokia Lumina 920 on AT&T as my main phone.... I absolutely love it! So, the way I see it.... Sprint has 2 months left to right the ship by offering Windows Phone 8 or I am taking my $280/Monthly program to AT&T...

And, by the way... AT&T Customer Service is not bad at all...

My two cents


Well, I am in the same boat.  Trying to be patient.  WP8 is coming to Sprint and they have started to prepare for it, just no commitments as to when, says by summer.


Come on Sprint, give us more info before we all jump ship.  I am never going Android or iPhone.  Hate them both.



Since i'm still getting messages in my email as i'm part of this post way back on page 1, i'll add my two cents.

I jumped ship from sprint on Feb. 25th, went to AT&T where I got my three Lumia 920 lines. I have to say, I always liked Sprint - I was with Nextel from the beginning and then to Sprint when they got bought by them... so close to 15 yrs. I guess.

Anyway, they just didn't have the phones I wanted and didn't seem to be in any rush to get them. I knew that eventually they will adopt WP8, but I got tired of waiting. Also I guess my thought is that if they are taking that long and with their past history with WP7, they wouldn't be really "into" supporting the windows ecosystem. Which is not something I would look forward to. I was a line of one standing outside Radio Shack the day the Arrive was launched, from that point on it was a constant reminder from Sprint that they really didn't care one way or another about the Windows Phone or me, whether it be the fact that I basically had to argue to convince an agent of Sprint that they actually did have a Windows Phone or the humiliation of seeing the Arrive as the "trade in phone", and I suppose flat out removing our loyalty program didnt help. Oh well, best of luck to Sprint as I hope they someday get there act together so that people like me could possibly find a place there again, otherwise Verizon and AT&T are now on my radar as I'm no longer "loyal" to Sprint.

I didn't retype most of my thoughts as they almost mirrored Shizzapro in his post above.


I am about to leave sprint. My faith in them is about as much as my faith in congress.

They have been sending me spam emails about new android devices, trying to get me to renew my contract, but there is no way im moving to Android or Apple.

Just this past month two of my relatives jumped to T-mobile because their contracts with sprint were up and they do not have any WP8 devices to offer.

I do like Sprint but they got some pretty good deals with T-mobile, the idea of financing the devices instead of always charging a premium for the device is a big seller to me. I am still paying sprint the same price now as when i purchased the phone over 2 years ago, if i was at T-mobile, i would be paying alot less now.


Have not been here in a while and thought I'd see how the Windows Phone rant was going.  It's been about 3 months since I've left Sprint.  My family is still with them under contact but I went to T-Mobile because they had Windows Phone.  First off I have to say I agree with you I like the fact T-Mobile lets you finance the phone and I have the choice to pay it all off and lower my bill or pay a small fee every month until paid off and my bill will drop.  I also like the fact they gave me 30 days to try out the phone and could return it if I did not like it.

I went with the the HTC 8X over the Nokia.  I am more into music then super high quality photos and I have to say the Beats Audio is great.  Over all the phone is great.  Short of the normal complains (IE lack of apps, and the buttons and a few times the phone did reboot) .  The phone has Nokia Drive now and they just came out with Pandoria so they are working on apps. 

I'm very happy with the phone and I've yet had no issue with T-Mobile so service has not been a isssue for me.

Only sad parts is I work in the medical industry and see tons of patients and have yet to see anyone with a windows phone (mostly Iphones and Androids) but when they see my phone they are blown away by the way it looks and what it can do.  There are times that my phone can do stuff better and faster then the Iphone and Android.

I did talk to a Sprint Rep a few weeks ago and was told they are working on getting Windows phone sometime in June or July but they do not know what phone they will be getting.  My only concern with this is 1)  Will they try to push the phone or continue to try to push the Iphone since Sprint has made a deal with Apple to sell a zillion units and also with Microsoft statement that support for Windows Phone 8 will end in July of 2014.

Until then I will continue to be happy with my Windows Phone and see what other goods Microsoft will put out.


Hey all,

I just wanted to share my experience with my Nokia Lumia 920 WP 8...

The phone is awesome, durable and high quality. The screen feels like water, your finger slides across it so easily. The only problem we had was that my wife's phone locked up once and we had to hold the volume down + power button to force a reboot. Windows Phone 8 has all the apps I need, and the apps are higher quality than android and many are even better than my brothers iPhone.

But if you have an XBox + Windows 8 PC/Tablet...this is where it REALLY GETS COOL!

We have:

1. XBox on our TV (dropped our cable company for Xbox Live $9 + Netflix $9 per month. $18 instead of $120 bill!)

2. Windows 8 PCs (home and work)

3. Windows 8 tablet (Acer $299)

4. Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8.

1. Buy music on your Xbox/PC/Tablet...all of it streams on your phone ($10-ish per album.) Love that!

2. Netflix account streams movies/TV shows to our TV, bedroom PC, tablet and our phone.

3. My XL files, word docs, all follow me as I use my phone, then switch to my work Windows 8 PC.

4. Use One-note to create a grocery store list, etc and it shares with your family & updates instantly.

5. Create a "Room" for me and my wife...and she instantly sees any shared calendar appointments, "Where I am" GPS locations, documents, texts, photos/videos...any content that I create in that "Room" is shared!

6. All pictures, documents, videos, contact lists, etc. All backup to Skydrive and show on our Windows 8 PCs/tablets instantly!

7. All of my phone music/videos syncs with my MP3/Mp4 library and streams to my Xbox TV.

I am LOVNG this connected ecosystem. Basically anything we do on any device...and it shows on all of our PCs and our TV.

I didnt realize that the phone is just a small piece of a cooler puzzle.

So glad I switched and got the phone!


I too need to make an update to an earlier post.  When I posted last we were in the process of leaving Sprint after many years there with a family plan.  We moved to T-Mobile because they had unlimited data AND Windows 8 phones.  All four of us got the HTC 8X phone.  We were able to choose any color as long as it was blue, but, the phones were free at the time.  However, after two weeks of usage we returned the phones, closed the account, and switched back to Sprint.  T-Mobile coverage was horrible in our location.  Photos could not be received via messaging and with a young granddaughter that was essential.  T-Mobile was great about the return ('buyer's remorse') and we only paid for our actual usage during that time.  Sprint was great too upon our return and let us step back into our old plan as though we had never left.  I later moved my phone only to AT&T with my business and chose the Lumia 920.  It is almost too large to handle, but overall I would rate it slightly higher than the HTC 8X.  The camera is excellent on the Lumia and the sound is quite good for a phone.  Meanwhile, my family is still languishing with their old Android phones while we continue to wait for Sprint's Windows offerings.  At this time we plan to say with Sprint in spite of their excrutiatingly slow pace of obtaining the latest/greatest.  We will definitely hold out for Windows phones as that ecosystem is excellent and far exceeds anything Apple or Google have to offer.  Patience...


Here are the Sprint Windows Phone 8 phones coming in May or June...

Samsung ATIV S

HTC Tiara



Ativ & Tiara?  Why are we getting screwed?  I want a TOP OF THE LINE Windows Phone 8!  If it's not the 920 or even better (by now), what the hell are we waiting for?  These rumors better be wrong.  It's been months since the 920 has been out.  We should be getting something even better with this delay.


Well, c'mon, what did you expect?  If you're still hanging onto Sprint at this point, there must be a reason you can't leave.  You're going to get whatever you get and hope they're kind to you.  You don't have any choice in the matter.

I have been a happy Nokia 920 owner for, what, maybe 5 months now?  You've got to know when to call it quits, folks.  Sprint will do whatever Sprint wants to do.  I'm halfway surprised they're even offering a WP8 device.


I left Sprint too. I just knew that would happen if I stuck around. I would wait and wait and Sprint would finally get the Windows 8 Phone, but only get the minimal phones. Samsung already said they have very little focus on Windows platform. If there will be something wrong with the phone, don't expect Samsung to do anything about it.

Where as Nokia releases patch and updates and their own applications.

Make the switch , you won't be dissappointed.


Well, after giving Sprint an extra 5 months to announce their WP8 options because I thought they might actually be in the process of locating a clue, I am AGAIN extremely disgusted with Sprint by the announcement of two low-to-middle end WP8 handsets. I knew that they weren't going to offer any Nokia devices, but when I heard HTC mentioned a few months ago, I at least thought we would get the 8x or higher. Samsung? Well, I certainly didn't think that it would be the carptastic ATIV!  Sprint had a chance to keep those of us whom are loyal to the WP platform because we have business applications that require it by offering at least ONE freaking high-end WP8 device. Instead, after over 12 years of being a multi-phone subscriber to Sprint, I am gone!  Sprint still needs to get their heads out!

Buh. Bye.

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