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Windows Phone (Sprint Dead Last)


Windows Phone (Sprint Dead Last)

I don't kinow how to get Sprint to realize they need to offer more and better Windows Phones.  I have an HTC Arrive, but it is the laughing stock of Windows Phone.  Sprint themselves even listed it as a "Recycle" picture boy in one of their sites.  AT&T has many phones, T-Mobile has 3 and who cares about Verizon...I would never leave Sprint for Verizon.  I am so tired of Android, and Iphone is boring!!  Webos was great, but no more hardware...I have tried them all and Windows Phone is great... 

So I just want to know if Sprint will be realeasing a new Windows Phone soon (next 3 months) and if it will compete.  Something from Nokia, Samsung, or even HTC as long as it is not too small. 




Windows Phone (Sprint Dead Last)


     I love Windows phone OS and in my opinion it's very underrated. While nothing has been "officially" announced yet for new windows phones, I'm hoping we come out with more Windows phones as well, you're not alone!

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