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Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.


Re: Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.

These have to be CMAS messages. Yesterday, during the day, the weather was calm in our area. I received no messages. Last night storms came through the area and I started receiving the messages around 12:00-12:15 pm (when the Severe Alerts started up) and received them all the way up til about 2:20am. I received 36 of these messages within a two hour period. I know that the Nexus S is not CAMS capable, that is why we are getting the jumbled text messages. Sprint , or whomever sends these messages, is trying to send the message to our phones and our phones cannot support the characters from these messages, so we get jumble. Can you help, or can you route me to someone that can help? Below are more screenshots (one of the storm as it was coming in, another of the text messages coming in at that time.) Please help.



Re: Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.

Good morning,

I apologize for the inconvenience with these alerts.  I did research your issue and as of now, only select devices can disable the emergency alerts and the samsung nexus is currently not one of the devices that have the disable function.  I am however, going to escalate this issue  to verify is there is a work around.



Re: Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.

I am using the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4g Touch and I have been receiving these CMAS messages one every 3 minutes and its getting really really annoying im up to 85 today and they started coming through at 7:30pm EST and its now 12:14am EST and their still coming ive done everything I can find online to try and stop the messages and they have yet to stop I was receiving them yesterday as well and they will keep coming until the time on the alert has passed this one was says 2 am on it same as yesterday after 2 am they stopped but nothing I have tried has stopped the messages as i said this is a really aggrevateing problem thats running my battery down and causing me to constantly check my phone thinking im actually receiving a text message anything to stop these stupid messages would be really helpful.  I have tried to go into message settings and unchecked all the boxes i have done a factory reset i have done the ##2627# dailer function and nothing has worked.

P.S. its not even raining in my area and hasnt been for the last 8 hrs so why is there a flash flood warning when there is no rain.


Re: Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.

Are you deleting the messages each time they come in?  What version of software is on your phone?


Re: Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.

Same thing happening to me.  Using the Samsing Galaxy SII.

I didn't start having this issue until this week.  Two nights ago it rained, same as last night.  I started getting flood warnings literally every two or three minutes.

Searched online and found no solutions.  Called customer service and they were confused about how to stop these flood alerts.  There is no callback number or code for the texts.  One helpful person tried to stop all of them, but I kept getting the alerts.  An hour later I called Sprint back and talked to someone else who had me try the messaging solution of unchecking all of the alerts.  Told him I had already tried that (actually found that solution on a TMobile forums site).  That got him confused and he transferred me to level II support.    Level II support thought immediately  the issue was ICS on my phone - which I don't have.

She had me go try ##2627# to get into emergency alerts to stop them.  Nice try, but I got these alerts all night, every two minutes, until the flood alert was over.  At 2am.

My wife is on Sprint with an iPhone and she is not having this issue.  Not even getting the alerts.  So it's an Android issue and it's one nobody knows how to fix, apparently.

No kidding, it's almost enough to make me want to change carriers.  When level II tech support doesn't even know how to handle the issue properly, then it's not getting enough attention.


Re: Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.

I am still on gingerbread stock ROM and everything still havent received the Ice Cream Sandwich update yet either and if I delete the messages each time they come through faster then if i just leave the phone alone.

Not sure if this might work but like everything else ive found online its worth a shot plus its not raining yet today so I will have to wait til it does to see if I still receive CMAS messages back to back.

ALL devices are going to be CMAS capable because the messages are from the Sprint SERVER.  There is one of 2 ways to disable (opt-out), these are:

1.) You have to call or contact customer service (either by phone (*2) or through chat) and request the alerts be disabled or blocked.

2.) You can text the words “END” to 266781 and CMAS alerts will get blocked. <-----(This is from a Sprint rep I chatted with today).

After sending END to 266781 you will receive a message stating

BSTFreeMsg: Thank you. You have unsubscribed from the SMS promotion list but you may still receive some account related messages via text message.

Not sure if this is a way to opt-out of CMAS messages as well but I'm hoping so.


Re: Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.

Using the shortcode 266781 will not block WEA/CMAS messages, nor can Sprint Customer Care block them.  You can avoid getting the duplicate message by not deleting the message until after the alert has expired.  Sprint sends a re-broadcast of the WEA message every 5 minutes to ensure that people who may have traveled into the area since the previous message receive it.  The device is designed not to present the message in duplicate, but if you delete the message, the device isn't aware it had already been displayed.

You can opt out of WEA messages by going to the messaging menu and looking for the settings for Emergency Messages. you can uncheck all alert types with the exception of Presidential Alerts.


Re: Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.

Un-checking all the boxes does absolutely nothing to stop the messages from coming through.  That was the first thing i did when trying to stop the messages.  Neither does using the dialer function ##2627# which according to a sprint document, says use to enable the service which should mean if you un-check the same box that enables WEA/CMAS it should disable the service on your phone but it doesn't.  As for the re-broadcasting every 5 minutes and not deleting the messages to not receive duplicate messages obviously isn't right either considering that in the course of one night I received total of 108 of the same message, and i didn't delete a single one just to see how many I would end up with, plus i don't need a message thread that keeps growing and taking up storage space in my phone, I do a lot of texting and every little bit of space helps and having a thread growing every three and half minutes, (which is what my night averaged out to receiving WEA/CMAS messages), doesn't help at all especially beings as I have opted out in every way possible and still receive the messages back to back, so obviously something in sprints system isn't stopping resends, its also not recognizing that phones have turned off the WEA/CMAS alerts. If its a sprint issue then there needs to be a way to completely turn off WEA/CMAS alerts through sprints website via your account settings or something.  This problem is almost enough of an annoyance to drop sprint altogether coupled with the fact that being with sprint that I bought a dumbed down version of the Galaxy S II but that's another story in itself doing something to fix this problem would be greatly helpful because I really don't need the annoyance of receiving a message that I don't care about every three and a half minutes.

Below is how to enable the alerts which should mean that using this method to gain access to the CMAS client and un-checking the box that enables the client should disable the client but it does not.

How do I turn on the WEA/CMAS client on my WEA capable device?

1. Go to the phone’s dialer

2. Dial ##CMAS# or ##2627#

3. Choose to enable the CMAS client

Reading from a sprint document on how to opt-out of alerts doesn't fix the problem, its not hard to find documents related to any issue but it doesn't mean that every phone works the same way, and it doesn't mean that there isn't a deeper problem at hand, which in my case there must be because nothing sprint has said so far stops these alerts from coming through.

How do I opt-out of alerts?

If the WEA/CMAS client is turned on, go to messaging options.  Under

messaging options, you remove the check marks for the message types you wish

to opt out of.

If the WEA/CMAS client is not turned on, no messages will be displayed on the



Re: Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.

I`m not sure if anyone can help me here, but this is starting to anoy me a bit, i found the emergency alrets app on my handset, but i`ve come up against an intresting issue, when i tap the emergency alerts icon to open the app, i get the following (sorry i can`t give ya a screenshot, which i know would help GREATLY...but i guess ya can`t do screenshots on a cell handset),

one, the app opens and on the top of the dosplay, in the upper-left corner, it reads, "emergency alerts".

two, the rest of the screen is just a blank, grey screen.

Looking at all the settings i have all type of alerts checked.  My thinking now is that i don`t yet have the service enabled, and my question is, just how do i enable the service?  Do i still need to enter the shortcode i`ve seen in posts on the subject on here, or is it already enabled on my phone from the start?  If i don`t hear back, then i may have to just go and try the shortcode, and hope i don`t brick my unit in the process (that would obviously be very bad ).  Thanx!  TK241


Re: Sprint Launches Support for Wireless Emergency Alerts, also Known as CMAS.

Any phone released in 2012 should have the capability, but of course most people don’t know when a particular phone model was released.

I believe this list is accurate, but I would double check with the store rep or customer service before basing a purchase decision on this list.  If the device is CMAS capable, they can confirm that on the device fact sheet. (From what I have seen, this feature is not always listed on the device’s “Key Features” list at



HTC EVO Design 4G

Kyocera Brio (S3015)

Kyocera DuraCore (E4210)

Kyocera DuraMax (E4255)

Kyocera DuraPlus (E4233)

Kyocera Milano (C5120)

Kyocera Rise (C5155)

LG Marquee (LS855)

LG Optimus Elite (LS-696)

LG Rumor Reflex (LN-272)

LG Viper 4G LTE

Samsung Galaxy S II (SPH-D710)

Samsung Galaxy S III (SPH-L710)

Samsung M370

Samsung Seek (M350)

Samsung Transform Ultra (M930)

Samsung Trender (M380)

Sanyo Innuendo (SCP-6780)

Sanyo Vero (SCP-3820)

Sprint Express (M650)

ZTE Fury (N850)

Another option for confirming CMAS capability if you are looking at the phone in store;

  • Newer phones will have CMAS or Emergency settings under the Messaging settings, although exact navigation will vary by phone.
  • For older phones, bring up the phone dialer and dial ##CMAS# (or ##2627#).  A CMAS capable phone will take you to a menu to set CMAS message options.

Another FYI for Android; this feature is at least somewhat device dependent; some Android devices will not support this regardless of the Android version on the phone.

From what I have found, once you receive a particular alert you should leave the alert in your inbox until it expires.  If you delete it, the system thinks that did not receive the original and re-sends it. 

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