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Can I monitor my hot spot usage


Can I monitor my hot spot usage

Hi guys,

I am new to using my phone as a hotspot but just wondering if there is any way to keep up with my hotspot usage? Like how much I've used towards my 5g limit. I have looked online, called sprint and talked to 3 different tiers of reps to no avail. The usage text that they send only shows my unlimited data plan. Nobody could tell me how to monitor my hot spot usage. Any info? Is this something that can be done? My thoughts are if something it limited you should be able to view the usage...

Thanks !

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Can I monitor my hot spot usage

Hi TheJediGoddess.,

My apologies for the late response. Currently, the ability is not available to track hotspot usage separately from phone usage. Because overages are not systematically charged at this time, Sprint will notify the customer before billing for any overages associated with hotspot usage that exceeds the 5GB on-network limitation.



Can I monitor my hot spot usage

Sprint will be notifying customers before they get overage charges not before billing cycle ends.