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Verizon has another LTE Nationwide Outage


Verizon has another LTE Nationwide Outage

Well Verizon has a good reputation with having a good Network but it looks like that only applies to their 3g network.

Today Verizon is having another nationwide 4g LTE network outage. This outage come right when it announce that it will delay the launch of Galaxy Nexus. This outage was very similar to Verizon first LTE Nation Wide Outage which also occurred when the company was slated to start selling the Samsung-made Droid Charge. However the launch was delayed at that time.

It looks like the story has repeated again. Could this be that Verizon has built there network too fast and they have not fix all bugs?? What are your thoughts.


Verizon has another LTE Nationwide Outage

My thoughts...Sprint still doesn't have 4G LTE (let alone true 4G).  Once Sprint does get 4G LTE up and running, I wouldn't be surprised if the same happened to them with glitches/bugs in the system. Despite the nationwide outages Verizon was seeing, it'll still be 3 steps ahead of Sprint.