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ZTE Fury.....incoming calls....NOT!!!!!


ZTE Fury.....incoming calls....NOT!!!!!

This phone is great as a mini tablet when I'm around Wi-Fi but for anything else it is useless. MOST incoming calls never happen with this phone. I do not recommend this phone for doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, EMS or anyone else that need to be available for important situations...Recently my wife called more than 30 times over a 4 hour period and this phone never rang a single time, FULL bars with 3G coverage. At one point we had 8 different sprint phones in our house for a big family get together, we were showing everyone my problem. My phone was the only android but also the only phone that would not ring.....Happens all the time, the only way to get in touch of me is send a text, alot of those come through but not all......text messages arrive days late sometimes. The best one from my wife was telling me she was almost home from work (she works an hour away).....she had been off for over 48 hours when it finally came through but this isn't my first sprint phone and I know this has always been a problem and not specific to this model. This is by far the most useless phone I have ever owned and no, Sprint will not stand behind it. I've called in and been walked through "fixing" it, I've been to the store, it's been switched to a new phone. On my last call to tech support the woman said she would put in a service order for the phone and I needed to take it to the store for them to work with it. I went to the store and the guy helping me refused to pull up my account to look at the service bulletin posted because in his words "we probably can't fix this problem with this phone if switching it to a new one didn't help. If I pull up your account you will get a survey call and our rating goes down if we get a bad survey review"....Sprint WILL NOT switch to a different model, the store said Sprint WILL NOT refund or release from the contract. I will be buying myself out of the contract next billing cycle and maybe be very vocal in the store while doing so, the Bridgewater store is always packed on saturdays and  you better believe my truck will be in front of the store with billboards everyday real soon.    . Even my Cricket phone worked better than this.

Has anyone had luck with this model? Google searches make me think I'm not alone on this.

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