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ZTE Optik


ZTE Optik

Starting tomorrow, 8/28/2012, customer's who have the ZTE Optik tablet will receive a software update that adds SMS text messaging capability. Users can use standard SMS text messages for $.20 or you can add a text messaging plan to that particular line.

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Re: ZTE Optik

I have an Optik but I do not want this option for messaging. I have already incurred a .20 cent fee without adding the option and strictly use my tablet as a non-messaging tablet. I am already paying $35 a month for a separate line for the tablet (expensive) that I hardly use. if anything they should be allowing messaging at a MUCH lesser cost or even free with this additonal line. Is there a way I can not get this update and prevent the Optik from constantly asking me to update?



Re: ZTE Optik

Have sms blocked.

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