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Fear not, Samsung has your back to help fill that missing void in your life.





When I unboxed my S8 i was really impressed with the build quality and design, Samsung really knows how to make a good looking phone. I like to keep my gadgets looking as new as possible, so a case is a must. I have been exclusively using Spigen cases for a few years now. I believe they offer better protection at a cheaper price to competitors. What I look for in a case when getting a new device is look, features and most important protection. Typically cases don't add anything besides protecting from damage. Well Spigen has added a kick stand on this model, not to mention several of their other cases have card holders as well. The kick stand is always appreciated, I enjoy having my phone propped up and then I can see all my notifications flowing in, not to mention the convenient way to watch videos not having to hold the device. This feature recently saved me a big headache while flying a few weeks ago. I only had my phone and nothing to lean it against on the fold down trey tables on the plan. Well if you have this case its no big deal, i used the kick stand to watch a moving the entire flight. The plan had some turbulence as well and the phone renamed standing. The three protection features that Spigen touts are the dual layer design, military grade and shock resistance. Arguably the most important part of the case because we all drop our phones sometimes.


The dual layer design is shown below adding more cushion for the device. This aids in shock resistance because of combo of rubber and hard TPU plastic.


I have always enjoyed when Spigen makes the buttons feel more tactile and easily identifiable without looking at the phone. The power and the volume rocker has different gripping material so your fingers can easily adjust the volume/ power the screen on.



These cases have been a long time favorite of mine for awhile!


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            Having had the device for a few weeks I am really enjoying the device. This is typical with any new Samsung at this point because they are an amazing hardware company and have been for years now. This phone just screams high end and quality all around. I always enjoy Samsung pushing the limits of design because this is good for everyone else, makes all the competitors respond and drives innovation up. Speaking of design the main highlight of this phone is the bezel or lack thereof. We as consumers have been accustomed to this unusable space on the front of our phones. This waste precious screen that we could be enjoying. The S8 does an amazing job at making a huge screen feel compact. Look at the comparison below, The S8 is slightly bigger but the screen size engulfs last year’s S7! This is a trend that will catch on and this is a great win for consumers. Everything else is expected with a Galaxy device, the camera is amazing and fast, battery life is good and the phone is fast switching between apps and screens.




            One feature that isn’t specific to Samsung is Android Auto. I recently got a new car and the factory stereo comes with Android Auto. When I plugged in my phone this is really a huge innovation over the always terrible factory solutions that car manufactures have provided. Plus, with USB-C I never get the plug wrong! Having the google assistant from my steering wheel is phenomenal. This feature should curb a lot of the distracted driving that is all around us. My ability to text, play music and navigate all by voice is so convenient. I also feel like James Bond being able to open my garage door through google with my smart garage door opener.




            I would have to say my favorite feature so far is watching videos on the S8. Which the edges of the video wrapped over the curved edges is crazy to see. The little bezel that is there melts away when watching video content. Plus this phone has a higher resolution screen than my TV’s in the house at the moment!

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  • Grew up in Indiana and graduated from Indiana State University. Moved to Florida in 2012 and began working for Sprint and I have enjoyed this company ever since. I am passionate about technology and love helping our our customers with tips and troubleshooting devices. I am blessed to be apart of the Sprint Product Ambassadors team to test out and review the latest devices Sprint has to offer!