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3 way calls on Iphone 4


3 way calls on Iphone 4

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to drop one of the callers on a conference call on the iphone 4?


Re: 3 way calls on Iphone 4


While you are on the call, you will see the word "conference" on the screen with an arrow next to the word.  If you click on the arrow, it should pull up all the people who are connected.  Next to those people, on the left side, there should be a little red circle with a phone in it.  If you hit this button, it should drop that person from the call.

Let me know if you're having troubles and I'll be happy to continue assist.

Thanks for the question!


Social Care


Re: 3 way calls on Iphone 4

Hi my problem is actually when pressing the ADD CALL button, I am able to call the other person, but if they dont answer when I come back to the first call it wont let me dial or ADD CALL again... am I doing something wrong?

Please explain, thanks in advance!


Re: 3 way calls on Iphone 4


This is just a follow up. Has this issue been resolved?

Jen R

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