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Blocked Call issue


Blocked Call issue

Everytime I block a phone number from calling one of my subscribers, it also blocks me from calling the subscriber.  The error message I get is:  "The caller you are trying to call is not in service..."  It does not matter which phone number I block, it does the SAME EXACT THING.  The subscriber has an iPhone 4 and it is not the phone, because he once had another phone and it does the thing.  I can block phone numbers from calling me without any issues.  When I unblock the phone numbers, I can call again with no problem.  I don't understand this issue and it is really frustrating me. 

Things I've already tried. 

*called customer support and had them to block from their end

*Switched phones

*Checked permissions (I am the account holder) 


Re: Blocked Call issue

Thanks for reaching out to us. When you utilize the call block feature to block a number from calling, it also prevents your number from dialing that number as well. Sorry this has caused you frustration, but there is nothing that you are doing wrong, that is how the feature works.

Morris L.

Sprint Social Media Care

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