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Can I sell my previous Sprint Iphone ... I upgraded.


Can I sell my previous Sprint Iphone ... I upgraded.

I recently purchased an IPhone 5c through the family plan, as my brother is an employee.  My previous Sprint phone was an IPhone 4 8gb.  I have two questions ........... Can I sell the IPhone 4?    Also, the 4 is deactivated, and also everything was reset and erased.  The only thing that's still in there is that you can actually see my current phone number in the "settings" area.  Any way to get rid of that??  Thank you for any help you can give.

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Re: Can I sell my previous Sprint Iphone ... I upgraded.


Are you on a SERO or Everything Plus Referral account? We do have the buy back option available at that is available to all customers and employees. You can complete a factory reset on the phone to clear your personal information by following the steps here

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Re: Can I sell my previous Sprint Iphone ... I upgraded.

Thank you Lorrie ........ I have already done the complete factory reset.  Can this phone only be used by Sprint customers or can it be used by any cell phone company?  I did check into the buyback program, but I think I can actually get more for it by putting it on Ebay or some other site like that one.  The program I'm in has the word "Advantage" in it ...... sorry, having a senior moment!  I just don't want to sell it on Ebay without doing everything possible first.  If you could answer these few inquiries, I won't bother you anymore.  Thank you!


Re: Can I sell my previous Sprint Iphone ... I upgraded.


Good morning. We're happy to answer all of your questions! In order for a phone to be unlocked to go to another carrier, you must have it active on your account for 90 days. Since you've already deactivated it, you'd have to reactivate it for 90 days, and then have it unlocked. At this point, I suggest that you sell the device to someone who wants, or already has Sprint service. Your account type should not prevent you from selling the phone, but you'll want to make sure the device is not active on the line and that it is not marked lost/stolen. If you would like us to check the device, you can private message us the IMEI and we'll look it up.

To private message us: Click on the SocialCare icon, it's right next to my post. That will take you to the sprintcare page. On that page you'll see a huge sprintcare image on the right side, scroll down just below that to "Actions." You should then see, Send Private Message-it's the top one on the list.


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