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Frequent 3G Signal Outage


Frequent 3G Signal Outage

I just got my iPhone 4 less than 24 hours ago.  I bought in Baltimore and brought home to the suburbs.  My 3G signal comes and goes but mostly the iPhone does not have 3G.  Instead, I get the little 'o' next to the word Sprint.  I did a factory restore.  Not that I had much on here. I just placed my email accounts.  I hadn't even made any calls.  I did send 6 texts in the city.  However when someone tried to call me at home, the phone dropped the call.  So, faster than the speed of light, I contacted the store and said, if it doesn't get better by Tuesday, January 3rd, I'd be returning it.  At $87 a month, I want a working phone, end of discussion.  They said it might be a 'bad' phone and they would replace it.  I'm a long time Apple user.  I love Macs and this is not how an iPhone should work.  It isn't the iPhone but Sprint.  iPhone/Apple shouldn't have paired with them if they couldn't handle it. 


Frequent 3G Signal Outage

As of right now the signal quality will almost all iPhone owners who do not live in major cities like Houston, Dallas, New York etc is pretty bad. I had to get a Airave for my house because I couldn't get a good signal standing in the middle of the road (2 bars max). If you have high-speed internet, I would get an Airave from Sprint, Mine doesn't cost me anything but I've heard others had to pay $5 a month so I guess it just depends who you talk to. But until Sprint finishes their network updates, the service will be like this.

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