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How I rate this phone? disappointed as is!


How I rate this phone? disappointed as is!

There is no back button which makes text email or document editing on the fly a nightmare. There are apps to get a better one but cant be used as a default replacement without a jailbreak. It is.designed for kids perhaps who don't have developed typing skills. It wastes my time giving me absurd corrections that lose the point and turn my writing into a joke. It takes patience to type this slowly and results are not accurate. That is dissatifacttory I can't just get the kiddie bubble to spot the exact place for quick edit.

Fast keyboard app is helpflul but not able to set it for default do is another joke on me

iTunes is required. So the monopoly prevents my using my other Apple Computers that are pre Intel.   That is why buy this as opposed to a different brand so that is a joke on me. I can only use latest model Mac or no capability at all unless jail break. I have iPod and have to carry that for music snd media or document storage so why pay for this?  This phone is heavier which I don't like.

Can use lame apps to interchange media such as my media but why bother it renders phone defaults useless clutter

As Internet goes it is okay on the fly but zoom sucks when it triggered a link to open tha by mistake almost always back or exit button isn't available on all screens so is messy at best.

I like more customization which this doesn't afford. Why is this so popular? They don't know any better.

They bought newer 4s and don't care this anymore  it is already a relic so might as well jailbreak the noose around my neck of using it. It is on slower 3G but still have to buy a battery pack to make it portable. So far that's carrying 3 devices because of low tech battery quality.   So yay I have to carry too much baggage   It needs a silent ringer

It is a kids toy shiny like candy.  Voice apps and translation apps ate great if don't mind the world overhearing my biz

ITunes never has what I want.  I can get what they have anywhere cheaper too. Apple was user friendly as key to genius of success now is just another monopoly in my way of enjoyment of using what I bought.

As a phone the keyboard doesn't just pop open to make emergency call which I found very troubling when such an occasion arose. I almost died trying to call for help. There are a lot of failed calls on sprint network so antenna is not strong. Wifi not that strong either so have to be on top of it.  Not functioning at full capacity of designed intended.  Just a cash cow

So I rate this as a cow pie that makes your eyes water from strain if step into its messy plop of a gimik gizmo

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