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Hurricane Isaac straight to vm


Hurricane Isaac straight to vm

I don't know if it's due to the hurricane or the towers being downs . But I truly need help with this . My issue is that I can call out sometimes and being able to talk or it will be a long pause saying calling so and so then the phone start to ring but certain calls go through. A lot of people are saying that they have been calling me but my phone goes straight to voice mail . I don't hear the phone ringing or I don't have missed calls from them . Anyone have any suggestion on what to do ? Or can a rep check the towers in the 70812 area ?


Re: Hurricane Isaac straight to vm


I hope your friends and family are all ok. We do have some outages in that zip code because of the hurricane.  We have technicians in the field working to restore services as quickly as possible.  The main outage I pulled shows an estimated time of repair for 9/5 late afternoon.  I can look at a more specific area if you'd like to post some cross streets and city.

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