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I can not get good reception in house


Re: I can not get good reception in house

I realize that this is about poor coverage in one's house, but is anyone else noticing a decrease in coverage (at home) that previously didn't exist? My wife and I have a S4 and we're both getting spotty coverage at home, which never used to be an issue. Not sure about this purported increase in benefits with Sprint's LTE also agree with sps20101. Why should I have to connect to the internet (via airave) to get coverage. Especially since I used to get great coverage on the 3G network.


Re: I can not get good reception in house


Thank you for the post regarding the coverage at your home with your S4.  We're sorry to hear that the coverage level at your residence has descreased recently.  We'd like to triangulate your approximate location and see the proximity and service levels of the tower serving you. Can you please provide us with your zip code as well as your nearest cross streets so we may supply you with the most pertinent information about your service?

Thank You,

Sprint Social Care Team

Michael C.

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