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My iPhone 4 keep disconnecting from Wifi


My iPhone 4 keep disconnecting from Wifi

Ill be using my Iphone and it will just disconnect from it at random.  I have to disconnect from wifi and reconnect before it works.  Now before you tell me it is my wireless router it is not.  I have 3 other laptops working on the same network.  Not only that but in the middle of the town that I live in I gat just about 0 to none service. My phone will freeze.  This is starting to seriously upset me.  Thinking about getting rid of sprint... Anyone?


Re: My iPhone 4 keep disconnecting from Wifi

I am sorry you are having issues with the WIFI on your phone. Since the router works fine on other devices without diconnecting, I would suggest you take your device to either one of our Sprint service and repair stores or an apple store and get your iPhone tested. Do you know if you have the most current update?


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