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No storage


No storage

I have erased everything I can and still have no storage available therefore not allowing me to take pictures. Is there another place I need to delete things from my phone?


Re: No storage


Thank you for posting. I am sorry to hear of the storage issues you are having with your device. What kind of phone do you have? Do you have just internal memory or the ability to expand with an  SD card? Please let us know we are here to assist you.

Thank you,


Social Care Team


Re: No storage

What model iPhone 4 do you own?  If it’s an 8 GB iPhone 4, this device can easily run out of memory from many apps, pictures, video and music.  In fact, even with no pictures, videos, and music; with too many apps, it will run out of memory.

In this case, you’ll need to learn how to manage content off of your device (IOW, move it off and store and access it from elsewhere).  This will free up more memory.

1)  Load the Dropbox app on your phone.  Upload your pictures to Dropbox.  Then connect your phone to a PC/Mac and download another copy of your photos to your hard drive.  Use ImageViewer (Mac) or Windows Picture Viewer (or whatever they call it).  OR connect to iTunes on a PC/Mac, sync your device and store the photos within iTunes and uncheck pictures syncing.  Then re-sync.without the pictures.

If you don’t use iTunes and re-sync, you’ll have to delete the images, music, and video off of your iPhone AFTER you back them up to a PC/Mac and/or Dropbox.  The idea, is to use the Cloud (like Dropbox) to view your images instead of having them take up space on your phone.

Others places to clear memory:  Settings > Safari > Clear History, Clear Cookies and Data

Go to Settings > General > About, to see how many Songs, Videos, Photos, and Apps you have on your device.

You can delete apps you don’t use often.  They will be preserved in the App Store for you (in your account) and may be downloaded again later if you wish (for free).

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