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Serial Number for iPhone 4?


Serial Number for iPhone 4?

I recently ordered an iPhone 4 through Sprint and UPS delivered it to the wrong person, so I'm trying to file a police report and need the serial number. I've called twice to ask for the serial number and have been provided with an 18 digit number, whereas iPhone serial numbers are 12 digits. I asked the second person I spoke to about this, and I was informed that this is "definitely" the serial number. But it's not a serial number that the police department is willing to accept because of the length of the number. Does anyone have any idea what this number is that they keep insisting is the serial number? Is the serial number hidden somewhere within this longer number, like leave off the first six or something? I just want to be reimbursed for the money I spent on this thing, and it's turning into a huge headache. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Serial Number for iPhone 4?

Thanks for reaching out. The 18 digit number provided is most likely the ESN (electronic serial number) and can be the correct length for all phones. Some phones also come with different forms of the ESN. In your case, the number you are looking for may just be another form of the ESN which comes in a few different forms. Please private message us with your phone number, pin, and link to this post. We'll help look into this for you.
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