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Sprint Navigation for iPhone 4. Help needed...

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Re: Sprint Navigation for iPhone 4. Help needed...

Just in case, you didn't read any of the posts above......

The Sprint Navigation app supplied on other Sprint phones, is a version of TeleNav.  TeleNav is available in free and paid versions as a download from the iTunes App Store.

Apple does not allow carriers to put their "branded ware(s)" on the iPhone.  Some carriers write custom apps for certain "tasks" and submit them to the iTunes App Store.  AFAIK, Sprint doesn't have any apps written for the iPhone.

Sprint in fact DOES provide navigation on your device (Maps app), and the A-GPS/GPS chipset in your iPhone works with the Sprint network. The network assists in GPS location (and mapping).

This device is not handicapped AT ALL with respect to navigation.  If Maps is not good enough for your needs, the following apps (just a sampling...many more) from the iTunes App Store may be for you:

Mapquest, Waze, TeleNav.  There may be free versions and paid versions.  I believe Mapquest has free turn by turn navigation.  These apps (including Sprint Navigation supplied on other devices) require a data signal for map updating/navigating.  No data, no map updating.

The following paid apps (to name two) will provide stand-alone navigation (map nationwide database is loaded to your iPhone memory upon purchase), use the iPhone's GPS, and do not require Sprint data.  Garmin USA, TomTom USA (see iTunes App Store).  These are paid apps and essentially enable the iPhone to behave almost exactly like a Garmin or TomTom GPS.

Preview navigation apps here:

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Re: Sprint Navigation for iPhone 4. Help needed...

One great feature of the Sprint Navigation was that you could add locations from the Sprint website on your computer.  Hopefully Sprint will get it working on the IPhone.   It works great on the Droid.


Re: Sprint Navigation for iPhone 4. Help needed...

It looks like you can do the same thing using Mapquest (and probably some of the others).  You simply use the Mapquest web site and "My Maps".

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