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Still issues Texting


Still issues Texting

Switched from ATT to Sprint and bought the new iphone about 2 weeks ago. Ever since getting it and activating it i have been unable to send Text Messages or make outgoing phone calls consistently even when i have full service and all bars full. The messages just bring up the red error exclamation point and cannot be sent. Outgoing calls at times never ring/go through. What is the problem with all the text message issues???? Is this the kind of service i should expect for the next 2 years? If so i'll gladly pay the early termination fee and go back to an overpriced bill with ATT where at least my phones worked.


Still issues Texting

After 2 weeks of speaking with CustomerService...Now my phone calls do not go through. Excellent. No one can give me an answer or fix the problem, and finally after they got tired of hearing from me, just gave me Apple's Customer Service # and told me to call them with "my problems".


Still issues Texting

Now 2 months later, still experiencing the same problems. Less frequent but still happening. Have spoken to Customer Service almost 15 times, not one time did they resolve the issue. They never once offered a rebate, and apparently never kept a record of my problems as I had to explain this entire situation every single time I called. I've tried to cancell my service twice and was told both times I would have to pay the full "early termination fee" regardless of not having consistent service since signing up.

I've already had Apple look at the phone, they said there was nothing wrong it and would even offer me a brand new phone for free, but assured me the problems would not stop as it was not a hardware / software problem, it was a network issue. If i'm forced to go through another month with these issues, i'll be contacting my states District Attorney and my own personal Attorney to speak with them about Sprint's biz practices and about getting my service terminated without any fees. I'll be switching back to At&t and overpay for service that at least works consistently.

I find it ironic Sprint can afford to sponsor Nascar, NFL, NBA broadcasts but not afford to provide quality/consistent service for their customers.

MacInsider is spot on with their assesment, "Apple iPhone tragically wrong on Sprint Network"


Still issues Texting

Wish I had seen this post earlier try these steps:

Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings

If that doesn't work try this:

Dial ##873283# and reboot the phone

And if that doesn't work restore the phone to default with itunes and DO NOT restore from back up as the settings will be reapplied and the restore would have been pointless. Instead download an app called excelcontacslite and back up your contacts to your computer, sync all apps, music, photos with iTunes and start fresh. Again DO NOT restore from any back up (icloud or iTunes).


Still issues Texting

Tried all these steps already. It came down to threatening to cancel my service and refusing to pay an early terminiation fee and demanding to speak to some sort of manager/supervisor numerous times and finally I got someone who agreed to ship me the "Airwave" for no charge. I haven't been able to get the airwave to work, and it tends to kill the internet in my house when hooked up. Thankfully the issues seemed to have subsided without needing the airwave recently (who knows how or why) but I don't have the patience to deal with Sprint customer service anymore, so the next time my phone quits on me, i'll simply call, cancel, and ship the airwave back. Then i'll go sign up for Verizon or At&t.

I've never had as many issues with a company as i've had with Sprint, and i've only been a customer since Oct/Nov.

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