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iPhone 4 dreadfully slow in Bay Area of California


iPhone 4 dreadfully slow in Bay Area of California


I am a recent transplant from central Texas to the Bay Area of California. My 3g data speed was great in the Waco, TX area (consistently 1.5mbps download .75mbps upload) but anywhere in Sunnyvale, San Jose, Oakland, or San Francisco it is abysmal (0.15mbps download, 0.5mbps upload). Specifically I live in the 94086 zip code on N Mathilda between El Camino Real and the 101 freeway but it is similar everywhere. I've dialed ##873283#, reset my network connections, and restarted the phone... the latter two of these actions get me back to my TX speeds (~1.5 down, ~.75 up) but the effect is temporary and if I do 4-5 speedtests in a row it has already dropped to 0.15 down, 0.5 up in the span of 10 minutes. I religiously update my software and apps.

I changed my address with Sprint when I moved and have checked the coverage map... Though my iPhone 4 isn't 4g the map shows I should have excellent coverage everywhere I live/work/play. Voice and text quality is great but the data speed is so slow the phone is almost unusable for surfing the web.

Please help,


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