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iPhone 4


iPhone 4

How do I use call forwarding


Re: iPhone 4


Unconditional call forwarding is $0.20 per minute, unless your line is under one of the following plans, Unlimited Simply Everything, Everything Business, Unlimited, My Way plan, and My All-In. More than likely this will be the case for you. Something to keep in mind when setting up is that;

- Voicemail and ring back tones are not offered with call forwarding.

- Call forwarding is not supported while internationally roaming and cannot forward calls to an international number.

To turn on:

First dial *72 from the phone, followed by 10-digit forwarding number.

Then press Talk (tones are heard when activated).

Turn off:

First dial *720.

Then, Press Talk (tones are heard when activated).

Here is also a link that will give you a visual (it is for a different model but the steps are the same).

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