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mobile hot spot


mobile hot spot

I wanted information on making my iphone4 a mobile hotspot... monthly price through sprint? any advantages and disadvantages? etc... thanks


Re: mobile hot spot


  • $19.99 Sprint Mobile Hotspot 2GB  
  • $49.99 Sprint Mobile Hotspot 6GB

Overage rate: 

  • $.05/MB overage rate systematically applies when usage exceeds on-network hotspot data allowance.

Check Usage: text word "USAGE" to 1311


Re: mobile hot spot

I signed up for 2GB to use during a 2 week trip along the west coast, knowing most of the time  we would have wifi in the hotel. We stayed at a sheritan, they charge for everything, $18.95 per day for wifi... The hotspot worked okay the first day... and then it actually didn't work at all. My son was using Mind Craft, I was doing some browsing and remote contact, very slow at 3G. We burned through the 2GB in two days and got an email warning us we were going to the 5 cent charge. I suggest you don't use this feature it truly is a ripoff and worthless and truly not worth it.

We used the EVO 4G, I knew we were more likely to find Wimax than LTE, only available with our Galaxy IIIs (they do not access Wimax, of course they don't tell you that when you order the phone) which is a bit of a bait and switch.  I would like to see the President of Sprint give this a try, he would not be happy with his service.

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