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so much for an upgrade


so much for an upgrade

i want to upgrade my iphone 4 but you're charging me 500 dollars for a new phone? are you serious? once my two year contract is over im done with sprint!!

You have very crappy service, not to mention how slow the phone is.


Re: so much for an upgrade

you get your discount 20 months into your contract. When you're not eligible to upgrade a device, than you must pay the full retail or MSRP price-which is around $500 for most modern smartphones.

Every company does this. Verizon, ATT, US Cell, T-Mobile, Sprint. Every CONTRACT based, or post paid carrier does this. Even prepaid carriers like Virigin, Straighttalk, Boost and Cricket make you pay the full price for the phone-unless you want a whole new number...


Re: so much for an upgrade


Thanks for posting. Sprint allows customers to upgrade every twenty months. We can certainly look at the account and see when you are available to upgrade. We'll also look at the service issues you're having, I know that can be frustrating. Please private message me with your Sprint number and pin and we'll address these issues.

Andrew B.

Sprint Social Care

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