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3G and Data Service doesnt wok 80% of time on iPhone 4S


3G and Data Service doesnt wok 80% of time on iPhone 4S

I need to have my problem escalated but no one is willing to help. When I started service back in August of 2012 I purchased two iPhone 4S' and one iPhone 4. Up until 2 months ago things were going good. The past two month my iPhone 4S wont connect to 3G 80% of the time while my other two phones work fine. I called tech support and troubleshot the issue but since the issue occurs in multiple cities the problem is my phone and not the tower. Since my phone was a refurb there is no warranty and I was told that I am out of luck and there is nothing that can be done. This is not acceptable, I pay $200 a month for my service and my data and 3G service doesn't work 80% of the time. I need someone to escalate this issue or find a way to resolve this problem or I will be forces to cancel my service at the end of my contract and go with another provider.

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