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3rd line on 1500 minute plan?


3rd line on 1500 minute plan?

im on a 1500 minute shared plan, i currently have 2 lines on my account and i want to know what would be the overall cost if i add a third line( 1 iPhone 4s).


3rd line on 1500 minute plan?

I'm assuming it's a data plan?

It'd be $19.99 for the extra line. $10 data premium fee.  Roughly $7 for taxes/surcharges.  Adding 1 line will cost ~$37


Re: 3rd line on 1500 minute plan?

Do you've have 1500 Everything Data Plan or 1500 Everything Messaging Plan? If you've 1500 Everything Data Plan then its going to be 19.99 plus taxes plus $10 data premium fee( if you're using Smartphone on the 3rd line).For 1500 Everything Messaging plan adding 3rd line is going to be only $ 9.99 plus taxes. You can always go  to Tonguelans&ECID=vanitySmiley Tonguelans to find more info on plans.Let me know if you have any  questions on adding another line to the a/c.

Hope this helps


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