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Bad battery/ exchange


Bad battery/ exchange

Hello, i just bought the iphone 4s, i noticed the battery is very bad. I fully charged it, and two hours later of me not using it at all it went to 80%.  But the real question is if i can exchange it for the iphone 5 without canceling my contract? It is about 4 days old, and the battery life is bad, is there any way to exchange it? I also have bluetooth, wifi, location services, all notifications turned off, and very dim screen, and cellular data off but still the battery is bad.


Re: Bad battery/ exchange

Sprint has a 14 day exchange policy. You would just pay the difference in cost from one phone to another. A 16GB iPhone 4S to a 16GB iPhone 5 would be $100, plus potentially a $36 restocking fee if they are not able to duplicate the issue and verify the device is defective to exchange to a different phone.

As for the battery life, there are a nubmer of different things that affect battery life. Less than 1% of battery life issues are actually caused by the phone/battery. Most are applications or settings related. Apple had remote diagnostics they can run on your phone. I have seen those diagnostics help many times to discover a rogue app that was coded poorly by the developer, or some syncing issue with an email account, etc. that the user was not being notified of. I would recommend first trying to call AppleCare and see if they can remotely run the diagnostics before you take the time and gas to go back to the store to exchange/return it. That is unless of course you do want the additional deatures of the iPhone 5 instead.

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