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Can I use my iPhone in Mexico?


Can I use my iPhone in Mexico?

Ok, I am new to sprint and I just got the iPhone 4S, my plan is "Everything Data 450 plan" but I cant seem to find how much will I'd get charged if I use it in Mexico. Not for phone calls, just Internet stuff like that. I turned off the "Voice Roaming" but I turned on the "Cellular Data" and I connected it to Wi-Fi but it doesn't work either, I just need to know what else can I do? If I use the Internet in Roaming do they charge per minute or what? Please does anybody know?

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Re: Can I use my iPhone in Mexico?

The best thing you can do is contact our international department.  They can tell you exactly what you will be charged to use data roaming.  They may need to add international calling to your plan to authorize you to make calls or use data while roaming in Mexico.   The number:

Sprint World Wide (SWW) handles International Long Distance Calling – activations and troubleshooting the ability to place calls to international countries while in the U.S or International Roaming which is for use while roaming in an international location.

For International Long Distance Calling - Dial 888.226.7212, option 1.

For International Roaming – Dial 888.226.7212, option 2.

For Technical Support – Dial 888-226-7212, option 3.

Cruise Ship Roaming – handles activation and troubleshooting wireless services while aboard cruise ships. Dial 888.226.7212 option 2. Questions regarding how to use Sprint Service while travelling internationally.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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Can I use my iPhone in Mexico?

And to avoid all charges, set the phone to 'Airplane mode', turning off all radios; then turn on WiFi. You'll be able to use data when you are in range of a local WiFi access point in Mexico. 

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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