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Cannot use muliple call feature!!!! ]=


Cannot use muliple call feature!!!! ]=

So, I used to have AT&T.  Switched to sprint because the data was unlimited and they had the iPhone 4s.  One of the features that I was able to use on the AT&T network, was have up to 5 different people on a call.  I could switch to each line and have a seperate conversation with that person, or I could merge all the calls together, then one by one, disconnect any line in any order that I wanted too.  With Sprint... You can't do that.  ]=  You have the choice to merge the calls, but you don't even have the choice to switch between the two lines... Isn't that the reason we have call waiting?  Is for a second caller to be able to call our phone while on another call and still be able to answer it and switch back to the other line?  I find it quite upsetting that we have this feature available to use and it doesn't even work.... Anyone else run into this?  Cmon Sprint, pick up the slack.  You(Sprint) should really try to get 3G to work while we are on a phone call, just like AT&T. 

Here is a screen shot below of my what i'm talking about... As you can see, I have 2 calls initiated.  However, the swap button is un-lighted meaning I cannot use that button.  And I cannot hang up on one partiular line, if I press End, it ends BOTH lines.  Also, I don't even know which line im on, because both of the lines are highlited.  Community, what's your take on this?



This link holds the explanation and answer...but you've got to READ it, carefully.

See also, pages 43 and 44 of your iPhone User Guide (on your phone and on the web).

Now, relax, and think of the money you're saving and how much clearer and reliable your calls are on CDMA (when you have service signal...) compared to your previous carrier.

Your problem appears to be related to the limitations of CDMA vs. GSM.  Do a Wikipedia research if you want to read more about how these two protocols are different.


So I called Sprint and talked to a rep, who confirmed this issue I was having.  Also, I did research about this issue, as well as the differences between the CDMA and GSM.  I know a lot about it, but found a few new tips.  Anywho, the lady told me to go to a Sprint store to have the issue fixed.  So, I did so.  When I got there, the Sprint store told me they don't fix issues like that... I guess there a 3rd party store?  It's called impact wireless who only services sprint. so, bascially wasted time and gas on that one... So, i called sprint back and complained, the rep read the notes on my file, and even tested the issue himself with a iphone they had.  he confirmed the same problem... So he then told me that it's an issue everyone is having, but SHOULDN"T be having because sprint's network supports this feature. He said he will submit this to the manufacturer and sprint as well to get the issue fixed.  so, keep checking for updates for those of you who have iphones...

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