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EVO 3D Trade in for iphone?


EVO 3D Trade in for iphone?

Hi, i just recently got the new Evo 3D but now i want the IPHONE 4S!. I renewed my contract so i have to wait two years until i can upgrade. I want to know if i can trade in my Evo 3D to pre-order the iphone, or at least lower the upgrade price for me so that i can get the iphone 4s. Anyone have useful information for me so i can get this phone?

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EVO 3D Trade in for iphone?

I have been wondering the same thing but I have LG Optimus S and a purchased iPhone 4s (sprint brand) which I plan on transferring to.


EVO 3D Trade in for iphone?

I believe you had 14 days to like your Evo or swap it out for a different phone.  If you're outside of that window, you're stuck with the Evo counting as your phone upgrade, and you're locked into your latest 2-year contract.

If you want an iPhone, you'll either have to wait for your next upgrade, buy one at full price ($650?) from Sprint, or get a used one from Craigslist, etc.  Of course you can also get rid of your Evo by selling it on Craigslist, which will offset some of your loss after paying full price for an iPhone.

I don't think Sprint cares what phone you use, as long as it is a Sprint device and appropriate for the services included within your contract.

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