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Early upgrade from iphone 4S to iphone 5


Early upgrade from iphone 4S to iphone 5

Due to rumors that seem to be about 90% true, I'm led to believe that purchasing my 4S today on Feb. 2nd, was a dumb choice. With the iphone 5 due to release in the summer of 2012, I was wondering if Sprint offers an option to pay an early upgrade fee so that I won't have to pay the approximate 650$ for the emerging iphone 5.


Early upgrade from iphone 4S to iphone 5

What's dumb about having Apple's best device, four months after it was introduced?

It's all speculation; like it always is.  No one knows when Apple will introduce a new model. No one knows what is will look like or what design features it will have.

All we know is from the past. Apple introduces a new device once a year, lately in the third quarter, for purchase, early fourth quarter ship. Maybe it will be earlier, maybe later. Maybe it will sell for a premium price ($299) and the 4 and 4S will still be sold.

You can chase new models, be an early adopter, but you'll often pay more, have more teething problems, and never be satisfied.  A year into your 2 year contract and brand new phone, they'll introduce another one bigger and better than yours!

Sprint will only have several select metro areas with LTE coverage by this summer. You may be waiting a year or more for 4G coverage in your community.

If you want to upgrade/replace your phone, you'll be subject to the terms and agreements pertaining to the contract you signed. Why would it be any different? You can always buy your way out of your contract early, but that's going to become an expensive way to live.


Early upgrade from iphone 4S to iphone 5

Theres no dumb choice in having one of the best of Apple's product in your hands.. Lol just like Seeblue 1 stated above, apple usually comes out with a newer device every year (usually third quarter), so no worrying trying to have the latest all all times. Haha but if you insist... Sprint customer service offers an Early Upgrade fee of $98.00 bucks billed to your line of service. It's a 24hr waiting process , once admited check with the sprint Eligibility site for approval. Its better to pay 199.00 than a whopping $649.00 anyday. Our family just purchased three iPhone 4s /16/16/64GB so it would be awful if they come out with one in the summer but at the same time expected. We would just pay the early upgrade fee, package them up as like new products, and sell them off to our friendly EBay users... Haha it breaks even or come out on top everytime with a New device & No out of pocket expenses! iPhone 5?? Bring it on!!!!


Re: Early upgrade from iphone 4S to iphone 5


Those who bought or buy the iphone 4s will have to wait for the iphone 6 or whatever it is called and same goes for those who buy the iphone 5 (whatever it is called) will have to wait for the second iphone after that one. And so on and so on.


Early upgrade from iphone 4S to iphone 5

At this time, there is no information regarding any new Apple iPhone products coming to Sprint or any other carrier that has been released. At this time those are in fact just rumors circulating among the forums. Its always best for each consumer to confirm individually what options are avaialble to them as far as upgrades go as all options will not be the same. As soon as any information is released in regards to new products, you will be able to check it out at or here on the forums. I hope this information proves to be useful.


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