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Extension of 14 Day Grace Period?


Extension of 14 Day Grace Period?

What are the chances of Sprint extending the 14 day return period for those who have continuously experienced sluggish data rates since the launch of the iPhone on Sprint?  I'd love to stick with Sprint and see how this pans out, but the current 14 day return period is jeopardizing that for me (I have until Sunday to reach a decision).  I would prefer to stay with Sprint, but I don't want to risk having sluggish data speeds until 2013 when their network upgrade is completed.  And with the current network status here in Orlando, I can't even begin to judge what Sprint's network is capable of for my area.  I know what AT&T can do.  If Sprint would extend the period back to 30 days, I'm sure it would prevent many customers from jumping ship prior to Sprint having an opportunity to correct the current situation.

But I also agree with those requesting a public assurance from Sprint that this can be quickly resolved.


I  like that but if that was me standing next to you....hearing all that. i would assume you were a customer from AT&T OR VERIZON trying to hurt SPRINT SALES...

just a thought... if you doing it on sprints property. i think their is a law against that, inside their store...

come on. you can only voice your concerns but for so long until they either help you.. or throw you out...

you surely won't be allowed to stay in the store but so long.and if they don't help you.. then what do you do?

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