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Finding lost iPhone?! HELP!!


Finding lost iPhone?! HELP!!

My daughter lost her iPhone last night and I know they have an app on the phone through iCloud that we can use. When she bought the phone (she is away at college), she doesn't remember if she had an Apple ID set up on it or not. Is it required to set one up when you get the phone? And how can I help her find out what it is so we can attempt to use the app to track it? Thank you so much in advance


Re: Finding lost iPhone?! HELP!!

Bummer.  FWIW, this is like losing a child.  The more time which passes, the poorer the outcome.

Everyone should set up Find My Phone the day they buy the phone.  Who hasn't misplaced their phone, even at home?

See iPhone User Guide pages 16, 17 & 36.  If you're near an Apple Store, they may help you if you need help with Apple ID or iCloud setup.

Short answer:

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Re: Finding lost iPhone?! HELP!!

To find what her apple ID account is go to

click on forgot Apple ID and fill in all the info

Then once she finds out her apple id sign on to so she can find where her iPhone is

I hope this helps, good luck.

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