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How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)


Re: How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)

I don't know about you guys, how and why, but I just walked in at Apple store, paid $199 for the phone and tax on that price, with no activation fee, Total price $215 and some change.


Re: How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)

same here on my IPHONE 4S pre-order and Galaxy s3 pre-order. 

They charge crazy sales tax $128 dollars on 600 dollar purchase.

Total instant savings
Estimated taxes for ZIP Code 11228
Journeyman Cy7

How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)

New York. Sprint store are doing something dishonest and unfair here.

32 GB.

Phone:                                          $299.99

Gross Receipts Surcharge:              $8.62

Subtotal:                                        $308.61


Commuter Trans Dist NY 0.3750%  $1.12

New York NY                 4.5%        $13.50

NY                               4.0%         $12.00

Sales Tax on Gross Rec                 $0.76

Amount Due:                                 $335.99

As far as I'm concerned, the gross receipts surcharge is unjustifiable, at the very least.

Also, why is sales tax charged three times? (The third charge, tax on an unfair Sprint surcharge, is insult to injury -- no matter it's seventy six cents.)


Re: How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)

The following is the answer to my question about high taxes in California from a Sprint rep:

Since you live in California, your state charges additional tax for telecommunication equipment.  This is called California High Cost Fund Surcharge.  Based on my review of this information, you are charged a certain percentage of the purchase of a phone in addition to the normal state taxes.


Re: How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)

In Massachusetts my 16 gig 4S was only 212, total. Pre-ordered from the morning of the first day it was available.


Re: How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)

I'm in california, when i went on to order my iphone 4s, my total purchase price was $263.00. (199.99 + $63.00 tax). I cancelled my order because sprint was charging too much on taxes. So i went on and their taxe is much lesser by about $15.00. My total was $249.00. And if you go with the 64 gb it's $463.00, but with Sprint they'll charge you $483.00, a $20.00 difference!! Fucking sprint is always trying to nickel and dime their customers..

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How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)

Thanks for clearing that up a bit, kats. We went to purchase the 32GB from the Sprint store tonight and realized that the tax was a bit higher than we thought it should have been.

Retail: $749.99

Rebates: -$450.00

Activation: $36.00

Taxes: $76.84

Total: $412.83

So we calculated that $76.84 was around 10.25% of $749.99, but here our tax rate in CoCo County is only 8.25%. We ran the calculation on your original bill and found that your tax $71.08 was 10.94% of $649.99, but your revised bill tax of $56.87 is 8.75% of $649.99, which is a rate consistent with much of Alameda County. So hopefully this will be corrected as well once the bill arrives.


How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)


They had originally charged me $271.08 when I first pre-ordered my iPhone, and I remember seeing the charge in my  bank account online. But then a week later I noticed the charge was gone, it disappeared. Then later it showed up again, but the charge was $256.86. I believe it was due to the estimated tax when I first ordered it. The tax was not accurate. Perhaps that is the case with your situation? Maybe wait a week and see if it changes?


How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)

I bought my first iPhone this month, a new 4s. I had to wait, as I was a Sprint customer, and they just began offering the iPhone now. I must say I love the phone and am happy with the service. But in my first bill came a nasty surprise.

I bought an iPhone 4S 64gb for $399.00 with free shipping from Sprint. With sales tax in my county in New York, I should have paid 433.41. They charged me $450.68. I contend they are trying to STEAL $17.27 from me, and a similar amount from every iPhone purchaser.

They are CHOOSING to bill me for the Gross Receipts Recovery and Telecom Excise Recovery and MCTD Excise Surcharge and Gross Receipts Fee (notice the use of Gross Receipts in two forms), or some combination of these. RECOVERY fees are those that by law are charged to Sprint on their sales  of telecommunication SERVICES, but they CHOOSE to "recover" those fees by charging their customers. Not really how the law was designed, but they are within their legal rights to do so for SERVICES. But NOT FOR MERCHANDISE.

When you purchase almost all merchandise in a store or for delivery, the vendor must collect a sales tax and remit it to the state. That sales tax for all residents of my county is 8.625%. I believe it is both ILLEGAL and DECEITFUL to charge additional fees which are inappropriate on that particular purchase.

There are only three reasons why all purchasers of iPhones on Sprint were charged this higher rate.

1. Sprint is inaccurate in their billing processes because they are charging the same surcharges for everything.

2. Sprint does not care about their customers by charging and remitting additional fees, or

3. Sprint fully understands that they will not be required to submit these fees and are keeping this money after collecting it under false pretenses.

This may very well have occurred for a long time with other new mobile phone orders with Sprint, and with other carriers as well. Check your billing!


Re: How much did you pay for iPhone 4S? (pre-order)

I paid 224.00

Phone 4S 16GB Preorder

$649 .99

Instant Savings

- $450 .00

Your price

$199 .99

Activation fee $36


$649 .99



Total instant savings

- $450 .00

includes promotional or coupon savings

Estimated taxes

$25 .00

Today's total

$224 .99

Taxes may vary