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International Unlock for iPhone 4S


Re: International Unlock for iPhone 4S

I just called 888-227212 and asked for my daughter's iPhone4s to be unlocked for her trip to Germany and bingo it's being done, when she gets to Germany she will have a German SIM card installed and off she will be good to go. She can still use the phone on WiFi with Skype and make free calls that way. Great job Sprint.


Re: International Unlock for iPhone 4S

i have a sprint i phone 4s and i don live at USA and i dont have Sprint account. So what can i do for unlocking my phone? Can anybody help me?


Re: International Unlock for iPhone 4S

China Mobile users, I want to unlock my iPhone 4S, seeking good-hearted people to help this Xianxie, my IMEI 99 000 102 4497 844 ICCID 8986 0081 1107 7121 0000 MEID 99 000 102 449 784

Chinese number +86 13819491626

Good faith for the good-hearted people to help. . . I can never thank you enough. I wish to help my longevity, good health.


Re: International Unlock for iPhone 4S

Hello Dragelele

I'm Sprint customer since december 2011. I have a family plan with 2 iphone 4S devices.

I enrolled for autopay since the beginning and I have excellent history payment.

I had a "Spending Limit Program" of 300$/month.

This spending limit disappeared from my account on Sprint Website a few months ago so I  called the international  dpt to unlock my iPhone 4S.

The person on the phone, told me  that the spending limit will stay active for 18 months so they can't unlock my iphones before that date.

I was transfered to the "Credit service" and asked them if it was possible to review that point (Credit review) .

They said no.

I asked to be transferred to the  "Cancellation Service" and explained my case.


Same answer no credit review is allowed before 18 months.

If I want to cancel I need to pay 280$ per line and my iphone will not be unlocked !!!

I think that I will do as soon as the iPhone 5 will be released and I will say good bye to Sprint !


Re: International Unlock for iPhone 4S

The Sprint cannot do anything to my iphone 4S but continuing charging me a lot every month.This was the worst decision I had made ever—choose Sprint and believe the Customer Service. I became a Sprint customer last year.

  1. Before I bought the phone and joined the plan, I told them I need go back to my country for four months, so I need to unlock my iphone. And the staff in the store told me that I can apply to unlock it by calling the International Dep.
  2. Before I went back to my hometown, I call the International Dep. TWICE, and both of staffs told me that I can use this device in my hometown.
  3. As I went back home, after I inserted another country sim card to my iphone, it was not worked!!! Absolutely a dead phone!!!
  4. When I called back again, they told me that because of the policy, a new customer could apply for unlock after 12 months later with good credit.
  5. So the customer servicer told me the wrong information and I miss the date to return it. And the Supervisor gave me two solutions: one is using the international plan in your country. Another is buying Another Phone!!! I still pay 90 bucks per month for the iphone. But I cannot use it in my country with other SIM card.
  6. The CS just say’’ Apology’’ to me!!! But I think that it kind of cheating on me. Not only the staff in store but also the staff in CS and International Dep.

  Because if I know the situation, I definitely cancelled the contract ASAP.

  1. I will go traveling next month and I still cannot to apply to unlock!! Oh! God, I will not believe Sprint anymore and change to AT&T or Verzion whatever!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: International Unlock for iPhone 4S


Same for I cancelled my plan a few days ago.

I paid 280$ per line as a cancellation fee

I bought 2 news iphone 5 UNLOCKED at Verizon ! I tested it works !

Verizon bought my 2 sprint iPhone 4S 235$ each.

Perfect. Bye Bye Sprint keep your locked phone and forgot internationnal travelllers


Re: International Unlock for iPhone 4S

yslin0709 wrote:

  1. I will go traveling next month and I still cannot to apply to unlock!! Oh! God, I will not believe Sprint anymore and change to AT&T or Verzion whatever!!!!!!!!!!!

AT&T wil not under any circumstances unlock your phone until you fulfill the terms of your contract.  At least with the iPhone 5 from Verizon, you will get a device unlocked right out of the box so they would probably be your best choice.


Re: International Unlock for iPhone 4S

Hi serci8 visit to unlock your Iphone 4s from sprint network .Here they help you unlock iphone using remote unlocking service with out jail breaking it .


Re: International Unlock for iPhone 4S

I searched on this topic here yesterday only after I tried to get my iphone 4s unlocked since 10 days.

There are many negative comments on sprint customer service but I don't think so. Yes, even I got frustrated at first later i got succeded. It took me over 10days to get it unlocked.

When I called them first time they said my iphone was not active on my account (I hate apple so was using 4G LTE) and said that my account should be active for over 90 days with out any past due or any low account profile. I did complete 90 days of account activity by jan 12th. they wanted me to call them back after 12th and they transfered my call to credit dept to make sure I don't have any issues. that guy said everything will be ok after 12th.

Then, called them on 14th said that my iphone should be active for 90 days of period. Now I got angry. but he understand my concern and said there is another way to do it. I had to answer 3 questions to make sure I'm the legitimater person or so.

He said in 72 hours Ill get a call from sprint and they will tell me weather I can unlock it or not. 72 hrs will be this morning.

I didn't wait and called them yesterday night and he knew that i called them reg this issue many times and he told I will be receiving a call from sprint this morning. but he said he will do it now.

So, he sent an email to me which contain the steps to unlock my 4s, but wanted me to wait for that 72 hours period to finish.

Just now I followed those steps and my 4s got unlocked.

I put att sim card and it recognized it. so I can use it for sure when I go to my country.

My advice: have some patiency. we need to get the right rep only. They will unlock it for sure.

Thanks all

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