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Iphone 4S policy


Iphone 4S policy

I'm wondering if anyone here has successful had sprint unlock their iphone? I've paid my dues ended my contract and paid the ETF because i couldnt bear having 1 bar/no service in my home. Calling customer service results in "We don't unlock phones" "Sprint phones are made only for the sprint network" "It is against policy to unlock the phone". I know that the 4s is a Dual antenna phone. it carries both GSM and CDMA so it can run both but its currently flashed onto the sprint network. It really sucks that my phone has sentimental value to me but the only solution they offer me is to either sell it or go to third parties to resolve my situation. Why cant a company that locked a device to their network unlock it... thats a really simple question that is completely ignored and i would love an answer from a sprint representative or anyone in the community actually. Lets hear your thoughts!


Re: Iphone 4S policy

It seams like you canceled the contract with Sprint. How long were you a costumer with Sprint? How long ago did you buy the 4S?

Sprint can actually unlock your phone, but in order for them to do so, you need to be under contract and in good terms (no late payments or restrictions in your line). Also thanks to our wonderful congress people, now they can actually refuse to do so and there is nothing you can do.

Even if they do unlock it, they will unlock it for international use only, the US GSM SIM codes will not be unlocked, few words, you will not be able to ever use that phone in US unless it is with Sprint. Jailbreaking it will work but not worth it, since you will loose service left and right, and poor performance on the phone.

If your contract was terminated in good terms (all dues paid), you better sell your phone on Craigslist, you might get, depending on the condition and storage size, up to $300

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

Re: Iphone 4S policy

yea its sad. and that was what i did. had no service/1 bar in my house and everytime i complained and called customer service "they are updating cell towers" eventually service was suppose to get better. this was back in december of 2012- march 2012. then when i called to cancel my contract they told me i qualify for a free air wave to  basically turn my wifi into a cell tower for me. sad that it takes 18 months for and a cancellation for customer service to try to help you. now im stuck with a sprint phone... ill just keep it as a reminder to continue hating sprint. it'll be my ipod

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