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Iphone 4s Sim Card Failure


Iphone 4s Sim Card Failure

I found another thread regarding this but it was archived. Is this still a common accurance? I just got a 4s 16gb on Sprint and experienced the sim failure message about 3 times - in the course of 4 days. I've been rebooting my phone and eventually get reception back. Someone mentioned in the archived thread to remove the sim card since Sprint doesn't utilize it - only internationally. I did that and seem to be doing ok - much time hasn't passed so I can't tell for sure.

Anyone found a permanent solution to this problem?


Re: Iphone 4s Sim Card Failure

I have seen this happen when the SIM card just isn't seated quite correctly in the tray in the phone. Sometimes just taking it out and reseating it in the SIM card tray will fix the issue, bad connection.

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