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Iphone 4s Upgrade Question


Iphone 4s Upgrade Question

I am eligable for a $150 off upgrade on December 1st 2011. I am on an account with my dad and he does not have an upgrade until December 1st 2012. Would I be able to get my Iphone 4s for $199 or only for the $150 dollars off on December 1st 2011? When I checked my eligablilty on the apple store its says "I may qualify for the $199 upgrade on December 1st 2011." But what does that mean "may?" Do I get $150 off or do I get it for $199?


No need to fret. Yes you will be able to get it for $199. If you read it completely the policy is $150 off or the national advertized price whichever is greater. The advertized price is always going to be cheaper than $150 off the full price of the phone


It works like so:

Take your current phone and plan pack as a starting point.  Let's say you signed up on 2/1/10.

Your phone needs to be active 22 months before you can upgrade and extend your plan (contract) at the same time.

On any ordinary device, staying this long gets you $150 off your upgrade, thus a device worth $400 is down to $250.  Instant rebates and mail-ins may drop this further.  Whatever the device, Sprint has a say in how it gets priced

But Apple is Apple, and Apple is all about control.  THEY have set THEIR pricing for THEIR product, and they can't stand to do it any differently.  When they worked a deal with Apple, Sprint agreed to play by Apple rules, which lock subsidized prices at $199, $299, and $399 for the current models.  The only rule Sprint gets to enforce here is the 22-month active rule, which says you pay the subsidized price when that 22-month mark is met. The discount you'd be getting is from Apple alone; however it applies on or after 12/1 via Sprint terms.  Your "active phone clock" will go back to 0 again when you re-sign a contract to get your iPhone, as mine did recently.  If you then replace the phone after 14 days from signing but before 22 months, you pay upward of $650 for an iPhone (unsubsidized full retail).  Sounds like a ripoff, but it really is not one.

So, YES, you can upgrade on or after 12/1 to any phone in the lineup, the iPhone included.  Difference is that Apple--and not the carrier--has set the upgrade price.

That clear enough?


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