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Iphone 4s unlock


Iphone 4s unlock

So I am trying to unlock my Sprint iPhone 4s I paid for 2 years in full. Tried calling customer service they made me go to the apple store where I was again redirected to Sprint customer service, read previous threads where people don't particularly look satisfied with your service. I just want one simple and yes/no. Can I get my phone unlocked or not?


Re: Iphone 4s unlock

spriphn - Thanks for the question. Unfortunately at this time we do not have a process to unlock iPhones. - Sean
Sprint Social Care

Re: Iphone 4s unlock

I see you have also found out the truth about Sprint--They lock the phone via the SIM card and WILL NOT unlock it for domestic use, no matter what they say elsewhere on these comments.

The good news is: There is a way out of the unlock problems at a  better price too. We got tired of talking to their service people and getting the same run around about unlocking for domestic use... BOTTOM LINE: Sprint will not unlock any phones from the past, only going forward in 2015.

So I took an iPad 4, an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5S  to Ting - mobile that makes sense , a Sprint reseller recently. The iPad and 5S I got from Apple directly so they are unlocked and using the Apple SIM that came with them. The iPhone 4S was unlocked for Ting with their tech service rep's help so it works too.

We have cut our bill from $150/month to around $50 for all 3 devices. Still on Sprint circuits, but unless we go nuts with data or international calls, we should save a bundle each month.  I believe any iPhone up to a 5s can be transferred.

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