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Iphone4s Text messaging issue resolved


Iphone4s Text messaging issue resolved

Noticed I could not receive nor send text messages via my new 4s. Called sprint and they told me it was possibly due to porting my number from a different carrier. They had me do the ##update# thing powercycle and told me to wait for another 24 hours to see if the issue would be resolved by then. 24 hours later, no luck, the tech told me to expect a call around 6:00 pm as they wanted to touch base with me to see if I needed a "ticket" opened and an engineer would surely solve the issue. I didn't receive a call back and I was not about to spend another two hours on the phone doing powercycle powercycle ##update# . I took to my own and started fidgeting with the settings and lo and behold >settings> network>> Data roaming was OFF. Switched it ON and sure enough it worked. Now receiving and sending all my messages.

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