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Is Sprint or even the Iphone worth it anymore?


Is Sprint or even the Iphone worth it anymore?

I have had the iphone for the past 3 or so years now, maybe a little less. I started with the 4, now I have the 4S (which I have had for a little under 1.5 yrs). It runs incredibly slow, it crashes and freezes- even for minor actions (like opening the camera or text message options), the battery life is horrible and my phone basically lives on airplane mode (unless it dies in a matter or an hour or so, especially with active usage), and I also have some minor cosmetic issues that make the phone less appealing. Not to mention 3G is a crock of shit, and I can't even use it in my own house. I am thinking of switching phones soon, and to a different phone company. I was thinking of using Tmobile, because I hear they will buy out an old contract for you and my time is up with sprint. Right now I kick out 95 a month for a phone service that is crappy, and the insurance is not really good for much (deductibles? Really? after I hand you an additional 11 bucks every month?!). However, I do not want to continue with Sprint, and I certainly do not want another overpriced Iphone. Not when It is just going to start acting up when I upgrade the systems within the year. I feel like the galaxy would be a way better option. The only thing I will miss is the user friendliness. I love how easy it is to grasp the Iphone's concepts and technicalities. Any advice?


Re: Is Sprint or even the Iphone worth it anymore?

lynnshayriggs - That's not good. What have you thinking of leaving? We know how frustrating it is to have a device that malfunctions. However, we have different phone options that may fit your needs. Please visit the link provided here for more information . Let me know if this helps. - Shari
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