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Many problems with the Iphone 4s


Many problems with the Iphone 4s

I will be at my house or any where that I have full service and my I phone will cut out for about 3 seconds.  I could hear the other person but they cant hear me.  .  They just cant hear me for seconds and it will kick back.  Any ideas or any one have this problem?   

Also the text ring tone skipps.. It is the default ring, it will skip two or three times to half rings then the full ring..  It sounds like some one texted me 3 times in a row.

Also sometimes Siri says that it can not connect to the network when I am in full service and on wifi!!!


Many problems with the Iphone 4s

Hmmm... I would just take it into the store and tell them to either fix it or give you a replacement.


Many problems with the Iphone 4s

hmm yea I could crack open the I phone and fix it a day after I got it ha .    Was curious to know if this is an isolated incident or more wide spread.

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