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Missing calls + iPhone 4S + IOS 7 + fix this! how?


Missing calls + iPhone 4S + IOS 7 + fix this! how?

Before I updated the iPhone 4S to IOS 7, I "missed"  a couple of calls in a month, which I thought could have been caused by poor reception/interference.

After I updated it, 95% of  incoming calls do not  go through. I've callied Sprint's customer support several times, and every time i was asked to perform either ##update#  or ##clear# or both procedures,  but these failed to resolve the issue.

The 'I apologize for the problem you are having" I hear when I talk to a CSR is not sufficient.    I "missed" important calls today, and this problem, which as far as I have read is related to the Sprint Network, has not been resolved. This is not acceptable.

I wonder if any at Sprint is kind enough to reply with further information on this issue that is affecting a good number of its subscribers.


Re: Missing calls + iPhone 4S + IOS 7 + fix this! how?

RVCOL, my wife is having the exact same problem with iOS7 on her iPhone4s. As far as I can tell it is related directly to Sprint, yet there is no clear way to fix it as resetting the phone and updating the profile does nothing.

Sprint, please give us a leg to stand on here, receiving 1/4 calls is completely unacceptable.


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